It's Application Time...


Friday 15 October is the next important date on the Admissions Calendar.  If you are applying to Cambridge in general - and St John's College in particular - please ensure that we receive your Cambridge Application Form no later than Friday 15 October.

Here in the Admissions office we are clearing our desks and waiting for the many applications to start pouring in.  Based on past experience, the following is a list of (hopefully!) helpful Don't forgets.

  • Read the notes accompanying the CAF carefully, and apply them when completing the form.
  • Complete all relevant sections on the Cambridge Application Form correctly and legibly.
  • Ensure you have included a cheque for the correct amount and make it payable to'œSt John's College.

 £10 for applicants with a school address in the UK/EU
  £30 for applicants with a school address outside the EU
  £15 for graduates making an affiliated application.

  • Cheques should be in sterling and drawn on a UK branch of a bank.  You should write your full name, subject applied for and the College name on the back of the cheque.
  • Include a copy of your UCAS personal statement (please make sure your name is written on the top of the statement).
  • Please do not use staples.
  • Give the CAF to your school/college so that a copy of your UCAS academic reference can be included, and the CAF signed by your referee (or School/College Head teacher) on page 3.
  • It may be a good idea if you check with your school after a few days to make sure that the envelope has been sent.
  • Please bear with us and refrain from phoning Admissions to see if we have received your form; we usually receive in excess of 750 application forms in each Admissions Round, and so we would ask that you to be patient and realise that we are unable to trawl through the piles of forms to find out if a particular one has arrived! . As soon as forms are processed, a confirmation letter will be sent out to you.


*** Here's wishing you the best of luck with your application ***



Please can you ensure that the correct postage and the correct address are put on the envelope so that the CAF reaches us by 15th October?  We are under no obligation to accept applications that arrive after the deadline due to insufficient postage or incorrect address.

Our address is: Admissions Office, St John's College, Cambridge CB2 1TP.