IET Faraday Medal

"Excellence in Engineering"

The Faraday Medal is the IET’s highest award, and amongst the most prestigious honours for engineers and scientists. It is awarded for notable scientific or industrial achievement, for services to the advancement of engineering and technology, or for lifetime achievement in science, engineering or technology. It was first awarded in 1922, and named after the scientist, Michael Faraday.

Charles Algernon Parsons (1923)

John Ambrose Fleming (1928)

Edward Victor Appleton (1946)

Marcus Lawrence Elwin Oliphant (1948)

John Douglas Cockcroft (1955)

Charles William Oatley (1970)

Nevill Francis Mott (1973)

Maurice Vincent Wilkes  (1981)

Roger Michael Needham (1998)

Richard Henry Friend (2003)

Stephen Byram Furber (2007)

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