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History - Anthony Hinton

Anthony grew up in Oxford where he attended Magdalen College School, taking A-Levels in History, English Literature, Philosophy, and Media Studies, before coming to St. John’s in 2004. He is currently working for a publishing company doing editorial work.

'Studying History at John’s is a fabulous experience, and the opportunities both in terms of study and extra-curricular activities are fantastic. The History Tripos at Cambridge , almost uniquely, provides undergraduates with a wide range of relatively broad historical periods for study, and allows choice about those from the start of the course. As a consequence I was able to study a wide range of papers, from Early Medieval Europe to Modern Political Philosophy - all of which were broad enough to give a wider perspective; all studied to a depth which is unmatched outside of Oxbridge. Outside of my studies I was able to find time to direct theatre and short films, as well as fence (with a spot of rowing in the first year).

John’s is a great environment to be a part of too. The College, one of the largest, has a great feeling of community and individual identity; all my fellow students were fantastic people to be around; the tutorial staff were welcoming, humorous, and importantly, interested as well as interesting. The facilities, as well as the rooms, were excellent. Three years at John’s were far too few. The experience was the most intellectually rewarding time of my life, and, just as crucially, an enormous amount of fun.'

  - Anthony Hinton, graduated 2007