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Having Fun – From Pancakes and Punts to Beheading the Chaplain

It’s not all just services in Chapel.  Whether it’s the team of Chapel cooks preparing over 500 pancakes for the legendary Chaplain’s Pancake Party or Max doing a very good ‘Mrs Doyle’ impression with tea and cake, there’s always lots going on.  Chapel Garden Parties have seen the Chaplain ceremonially beheaded and hurled from the Chapel Tower (in cake-form only, thankfully).  Early morning punting has seen Chapel-goers have the Cam to themselves at 7 o’clock on Sundays in summer.  Poker nights, jelly and ice cream parties, karaoke, bowling, Footlights trips to the ADC, Chapel football, Chapel Frisbee, picnics attacked by pirates – the list goes on and on.  Get involved and you can add to it.