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Eoin Parkinson

Parkinson E

College Research Associate
SpecialisationMediterranean prehistory, funerary archaeology, bioarchaeology
Research interestsMy research focuses on the prehistory of the central Mediterranean region, with a particular emphasis on the Maltese Islands and Sardinia. My postdoctoral research extends the work of my PhD project, which explored the impact of social and economic change on the human body across 5000 years of Italian prehistory, through scientific analysis of human remains. As a CRASSH-British School at Rome Postdoctoral Fellow, I will further explore social change in the central Mediterranean Copper Age through analysis of prehistoric art and burial evidence. My other research interests include the megalithic monuments and the rock-cut tombs of the Mediterranean, and radiocarbon chronologies of central Mediterranean prehistory. Beyond the Mediterranean, my previous research has investigated the long-term impacts of colonialism and identity in Ireland through analysis of funerary monuments.