Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity

An environment free from discrimination

St John’s College believes that diversity is a source of strength. The protection of academic freedoms and independence is fundamental to our purpose. We believe that a genuinely inclusive community is essential if intellectual progress is to flourish. Our emphasis is on looking forwards and outwards, making a difference to today’s students and academics, and helping to shape a fairer world for future generations. We are proud to be the College of Wilberforce and Clarkson: their example sets a benchmark for our actions today.

St John’s actively seeks and promotes equality and fairness. We are committed to sustaining an environment free from discrimination, for anyone who works or lives here. These values are core to our culture and to our community. We expect each member of the College to take personal responsibility, playing their part in making St John’s an open, tolerant, inclusive and fair place to live, work and study.

We work hard to ensure equality, diversity and inclusivity across the College. Our policies are regularly reviewed to maintain and improve our progress in these areas.

St John’s has a voice and influence beyond our College. We aim to leverage both, to champion and show leadership on equality, diversity and inclusivity in action, in the University and beyond.