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Education: A Student's Perspective

'It was principally the diversity of the course that attracted me towards reading Education and English at St John’s rather than just English. I chose St John’s as a college because of its central location, its incredible academic and sporting facilities and the way St John’s always tries to help students fulfill personal projects by providing the necessary help with various book and travel grants.  Studying Education enabled me to study sociology, psychology, philosophy and history in relation to education, whilst simultaneously focusing on my specialist subject- English. Although most of my lectures are a twenty minute cycle ride away from St John’s , the benefits of being in such a generous and friendly college in the centre of town outweigh the fact of its distance from the Education Faculty. St John's college library provides me with most of the books and critical resources needed for research. The Education course covers such broad spectrums that most students will find an area of focus that is stimulating and challenging, providing them with the opportunity to pursue specific and personal fields of interest within English and Education. I would definitely recommend St John’s for prospective Education students.'