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County Durham Year 11 Visit to Cambridge

Students from six different schools in Durham (Durham Johnston, Hermitage, Parkside, Park View, Teesdale and Whitworth Academy) stayed at St John's 4th-6th September 2013, as part of a joint residential event with Christ's College. The students were given an introduction to undergraduate life at Cambridge University through a combination of academic and social activities.

On the first evening, the group settled into their rooms before being given a guided tour of the city. The following day, students had the opportunity hear about the different courses available at Cambridge and to attend a series of sample lectures covering topics from mimicry in butterflies to the Achaemenid Empire. In the afternoon the half the group visited the Fitzwilliam Museum whilst the other half visited the newly-refurbishment Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology before the whole group reunited for a cinema trip. 

The visit was rounded off with a spot of punting on Friday morning, followed by a tour of either Jesus or King's Colleges.

Students' feedback about Cambridge:

Impressive, down to earth, friendly.A top university where anyone can have a chance to learn at.
More friendly and achievable than I thought. Nothing is impossible regardless of background.
I know that it is achievable and would be a great opportunity to have. It has a really relaxed, friendly atmosphere.
More interesting than I expected, more real, reachable.It is beautiful and the people were lovely.

Students' thoughts on what they enjoyed most about the programme:

I really enjoyed the sample lectures and finding out about the university. Getting a taster of living in student accommodation and the sample lectures.
Getting to stay in and get a feel for university accommodation and courses. Experiencing real university life and advice about choosing courses and universities.
The chance to stay in college accommodation to experience life from a student's perspective. Living in student accommodation to find out what it is like.