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Clifton M Yeo - Land Economy

Clifton M. Yeo - LAND ECONOMY at John’s (February '17) 

Reading Land Economy is like embarking on a multi-disciplinary excursion into the fields of Law, Economics, and the Environment.

Having completed three years of the course I can confidently declare that there is something for everyone. Freshers are given a thorough grounding in legal frameworks and economics. Penultimate years/Re-freshers can choose from a diverse range of options such as finance, tort and contract law, environmental economics, and regional policy. Finalists specialise in more sophisticated papers such as advanced real estate finance and investment, Law and Economics, agricultural policy and sustainable development.

The more career-oriented among us would delight in the fact that a relatively larger proportion of our peers land coveted graduate roles in the most elite financial institutions, consultancies, research bodies and non-profit MNOs*; others yet have proceeded to found their own startups—just stalk us on LinkedIn to see for yourself.

For the happy-go-lucky, the small annual cohort of 50+ students across the university keeps us tightly-knit and cosy. In Land Economy you’ll make friends with classmates from nearly every college and almost every continent. 

As a course, we are so popular that we get lawyers, economists, geographers, HSPS and even English students transferring in each year. At John’s, our “Land Ecs”—as we are affectionately known—have a reputation for being a colourful, charming and altogether unforgettable bunch. Also, I make no understatement when I say that the resources and facilities you enjoy as a member of the College are unparalleled. My only laments are that our name “Land Economy” tends to be quite misleading, and that we don’t do nearly as much math as the little nerd in me had initially hoped for. 

*Employment statistics may vary