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Clifton Lionel Davy: Military Cross 1916

Clifton Lionel Davy: Military Cross 1916  Clifton Lionel Davy, was born 7 April 1895 in Darefield, Yorkshire. He was educated at Wesley College and Sligo Grammar School before coming up to St John's in 1914. Davy's tutor was EE Sikes; whose notebook is below.

Although Davy was not much of a scholar, he proved himself on the battlefield. After completing only one term at St John's, Davy signed up with the West Yorkshire Regiment in December 1914. Initially awarded the rank of Second Lieutenant, Davy moved up to a Captain in the Machine Gun Corps. 

He was wounded in the shoulder by shrapnel fire on 21 July 1916. Davy went to the dressing station where medical staff removed a large number of splinters from the wound. Once patched up, Davy returned to his command on the battlefield; where according to contemporary reports, 'he did fine work.' Davy was wounded a second time in on 21 Aug 1916 and was repatriated back to the UK to complete his service at Home. 

Davy returned to St John's in January 1918 to take the Theology Special I tripos in June of that year. He had rooms in First Court for the Lent to Easter Term 1919.EE Sikes' notebook