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Chris Born - History of Art

Chris Born grew up in Twickenham, South West London, where he attended a local grammar school, Tiffin School 2005-2012. He completed A-levels in History, French, Theatre Studies and English Literature.

‘I chose to do History of Art at the University of Cambridge because of the opportunities to incorporate serious philosophical thought into my work, something which seemed (and is, to my information) a fairly unique feature of the course. The close contact and presence of world class academics as well as the chance to meet and discuss with them was also an important draw - indeed this is partly what led me to opt for a college with the size and prestige of St John's.

‘Since finishing my studies I have been volunteering at museums local to where I live - though starting from the ground up can involve a lot of admin work, it can also be interesting and varied. For example, I was involved over the summer with a conservation project which required the noting down of a fascinating array of historical objects. The auction business is another viable option, though it has a particular flavour to it which is not to everyone's taste. The sheer amount of opportunities to meet world-leading academics and to attend events such as graduate paper lectures and seminars is more than enough to justify considering the university and specifically St John's College.’

 - Chris Born, October 2013