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Anita Nandi - Natural Sciences (Physical)

Anita attended Wirral Grammar School for Girls in Merseyside before coming to study Physical Natural Sciences at St John’s in 2010. She took A-Levels in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry. She obtained a First Class Honours in a BA and MSci in Experimental and Theoretical Physics and is now going on to do a DPhil in Particle Physics at Oxford University.

The best aspect of studying Natural Sciences at St John’s is the great flexibility that the course offers. I arrived at St John’s in 2010 and for Part IA I studied Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Earth Sciences. I went on to study Physics and Maths for Part IB and followed by Part II and Part III in Experimental and Theoretical Physics. There are many opportunities available throughout the course to try subjects that you may not have considered before. 

Physics at St John’s is highly enjoyable, not least because of the many people you meet with whom you can discuss and exchange ideas. As St John’s is a very large College and supervisions generally take place with other Johnians, you develop a strong relationship with those in your subject group. The large number of students at St John’s also means that there is a wide variety of societies available. In my time at St John’s I have played Ultimate Frisbee, table tennis and badminton for the College.

The Cavendish Laboratory is a highly respected institution worldwide and the lecturers and supervisors have equally good academic reputations. So by studying Physics at Cambridge you are learning amongst the best in the world. St John’s College provides an enjoyable and friendly atmosphere in which to study, through both the diversity of its student body and the great pastoral care and support provided.

Next year I am going to begin a DPhil in Particle Physics at Oxford University working on the LHCb experiment at CERN.

Anita Nandi, June 2014.