St John's College W.3 (part) (James 552)

William Weston, Controversial sermons. English, 1739

William Weston, Fellow of St John’s College (d. 1791): ‘Some kinds of superstition worse than atheism: two sermons preacht before the University of Cambridge to which is prefixt an account of the author’s usage by the Deputy Vice Chancellor, and the reasons which induc’d him to print them’, 1739. The two sermons took as their text Philippians iii.6. They caused some scandal within the University, prompting Weston to justify himself in this way. A copy of the printed pamphlet, ESTC, T7273, is preserved in the Library.

Manuscript extra information

195x160mm. ii+58pp. Purchased by the College in 1923, apparently for five shillings (an entry from a printed sale catalogue is preserved with the MS).

A neat hand with a few corrections, apparently final editing. Paper in original paper covers, trimmed ruthlessly with the loss of some text and stitched very simply.