Taking your own temperature using a non-contact forehead temperature assessment device


  1. Do not use if recently exercised or been outside for longer than five minutes. If you have arrived after exertion or been outside for a prolonged period, please wait 15 minutes before taking your temperature to adjust to the room temperature.
  2. Please push any hair in the way to one side and remove any headwear so that there is no obstruction.
  3. If you have any moisture on your forehead please use a tissue to dry the area in the centre of your forehead and discard in the bin.
  4. Please use the hand sanitiser provided and put on a pair of disposable gloves before picking up the thermometer.
  5. Do not touch the tray.

Taking your temperature

  1. Aim at the centre of your forehead 3-7cm away from the perpendicular surface of the skin (see image overleaf)
  2. PRESS and RELEASE the SCAN BUTTON to take the measurement. A double ‘beep’ sound indicates that the reading has been taken and the result will show on the LCD screen.
  3. If there is a green background this indicated temperature is within normal limits.

If you have recorded a temperature within the green limits but feel unwell, please return to your accommodation and contact health services-College Nurses, your GP or telephone 111 for NHS support 24/7.

taking temperature

When to retake or access further support

When a reading is higher than 38C a warning symbol will flash with a red background. This indicates a possible fever and the process should be repeated five minutes later (please maintain social distancing whilst you wait, anyone waiting to use the thermometer can be redirected to another testing station)

If still a red background, immediately return to accommodation and seek health support. If ‘Hi’ is displayed, this indicates a temperature above 43C and you should access health services immediately via 111.

To take a further measurement repeat step 1 & 2.

Please note the thermometer will automatically turn off after 30 seconds.

After use

  1. Please clean all surfaces of the thermometer, using the wipes provided and place the thermometer back on the tray. Discard of wipes in the bin.
  2. Remove your gloves and discard in the bin.
  3. Apply hand sanitiser

Non-contact Temperature Assessment Devices During the COVID-19 Pandemic