Browne 1443. A decorative roll in Arabic written by Edward Henry Palmer.

Paper (15 pieces). Roll 5750 x 290mm.

Written in blue.

With the roll is a letter from the donor, Aubrey Stewart (Broad View, Oulton Broad, Suffolk), dated 2 Dec. 1905, which reads 'When moving into this house I found among various papers the roll of Arabic writing which I am now sending you. The writing was executed by a former holder of your Professorship, my dear old friend Palmer. He regarded himself as a calligrapher in Oriental writing, and his drawing-room in Mecklenburg Square may for what I know still preserve the frieze with sentences from the Koran which he wrote in gold letters and put up there. The strip which I am sending you, he said, was meant to look as if it were blue letters on white porcelain tiles. He suggested that I should put it up some where, but my knowledge of Arabic never got much beyond the alphabet, and I did not presume to do anything with the scroll. It has lain long forgotten, and I find that it is not even straight, and one end is ragged: still, I have not the heart to burn it, and you appear to be the proper person to send it to. Pray therefore accept it and destroy it if you have no use for it.'