The arms of the Medicis and the Marsuppinis

This Venetian edition of the works of Ovid (1474), has a beautifully illuminated border to its opening page. This would have been added by hand after printing, and incorporates the arms of the Medici family at the bottom. The volume apparently belonged to Lorenzo de Medici, the Florentine statesman and artistic patron (1449-1492). More roughly sketched on its end-papers and fly-leaves are various versions of the arms of the Marsuppini family, and an inscription of Lorenzo Marsuppini. The Marsuppinis were another powerful Florentine family who had some association with the Medicis. Carlo Marsuppini (d. 1453) was made chancellor by Lorenzo's father Cosimo, who was a close friend.

This volume was given to the Library by John Newcome (Master 1735-65), who probably purchased it at the sale of the library of Robert Harley, Earl of Oxford.