Miles Bland (1786-1867)

Miles Bland studied mathematics at St John's, graduating in 1808 as second wrangler and Smith's prizeman. He was elected to a fellowship in the same year, and held various teaching positions in the College culminating in public examiner. He was also ordained, eventually becoming prebendary of Wells Cathedral in 1826. He published numerous popular mathematical textbooks including Algebraical problems.

Bland's bequest to the Library

Bland's daughter gave 800 volumes from her father's library in 1882, for which he is commemorated in the stained glass of the Oriel Window in the Upper Library. His books reflect his interests, being mainly English mathematical and theological works of the 18th and 19th centuries, although there are some older items including 16th century classical texts.

Provenance markings

In the main Bland's books bear his bookplate together with a book label describing his daughter's gift to the College.