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Heidelberg University Exchange

An academic exchange with the University of Heidelberg for 10 months.

The exchange scheme between St John's College and Heidelberg University in Germany allows undergraduate or research students nominated by St John's College to spend 10 months at the University of Heidelberg.

Programme Details

  • Undergraduate & Research students.
  • There is no restriction as to subject provided the subject is offered at Heidelberg University.
  • The knowledge of German is not essential but is definitely advantageous.


Costs covered
  • St John's College will cover the travel expenses to and from Heidelberg.
  • Heidelberg University offer a grant to the participating students to cover their maintenance expenses.
  • The cost for an intensive German language course (4 hours per day), which usually takes place in September, is covered by Heidelberg University.
  • The participating students are not liable for tuition fees to Heidelberg University.

    Application Procedure

    Application Procedure

    The application procedure starts on Friday, 18th November 2016 and the deadline for applications will be on Monday, 19th December 2016.

    Students who wish to apply will be asked to also enclose: (i) a basic CV, and (ii) a personal statement with their ideas concerning the type of project/course/research that might be pursued in Heidelberg and how they believe that this Exchange would benefit their studies and their personal development. The statement should be no more than one A4 page long.

    In the meantime, Student Services would be happy to respond to informal enquiries and requests for information.

    Additional Information

    Useful Notes
    • In some cases, the year at Heidelberg University will count towards the students' studies (eg Year Abroad for MML students or graduate students who don't intermit). In these cases, students will still be liable for their fees to St John's College.
    • The academic year at Heidelberg finishes in the end of July.
    • St John's College will invite a student from Heidelberg to spend the academical year 2017-18 in Cambridge.



    Heidelberg University

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