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St John's College news archive

  1. Ancient DNA testing solves 100-year-old controversy in Southeast Asian prehistory

    "The fact that we were able to obtain 26 human genomes and shed light on the incredible genetic richness of the groups in the region today is astonishing.”
    Two competing theories about the human occupation of Southeast Asia have been debunked by ground-breaking analysis of ancient DNA extracted from 8,000 year-old skeletons.  Southeast Asia is one of the most genetically diverse regions in the world, but for more than 100 years scientists have disagreed about which theory of the origins of the population of the area was correct. One theory…read more
  2. Conductor, student activist and international kayaker amongst winners of the 2018 Larmor Awards

    Exceptional students honoured with Larmor Awards
    Six exceptional St John’s students have been honoured with Larmor Awards – an annual prize begun in the 1940s to recognise “intellectual qualifications, moral conduct, or practical activities". Named after Sir Joseph Larmor, the 20th-century physicist and mathematician who was both a student and Fellow at St John’s, the awards are presented in the Master’s Lodge on the morning of graduation. …read more
  3. St John’s poetry scene celebrated

    The Poetry Pamphlet aims to highlight that St John's has a diverse and thriving arts scene.
    More than a dozen students, staff and Fellows have contributed to the St John’s Poetry Pamphlet 2018 to celebrate the College’s thriving poetry scene. As well as poetry, the publication, which is now in its second year, also includes Johnian art and photography. The pamphlet gives the College community the opportunity to showcase their creativity. The publication was funded by the College…read more
  4. Johnians recognised in Royal Society of Chemistry Awards 2018

    “Each has done their bit to advance excellence in the chemical sciences – to improve the lives of people around the world now and in the future”
    Professor Erwin Reisner, a College Fellow, and Dr Artem Bakulin, a graduate of St John’s, have been presented with awards by the Royal Society of Chemistry. The society's annual awards are given to people who have advanced the chemical sciences and they also acknowledge the abilities of people who have developed successful collaborations. Professor Erwin Reisner and Dr Artem BakulinAs part of…read more
  5. St John's Fellow awarded 2018 Royal Society EP Abraham Research Professorship

    Professor Ben Simons will hold his award at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
    The Royal Society Research Professorships are the Society’s premier research awards and help release the best leading researchers from teaching and administration to allow them to focus on research. Professor Ben Simons, a Fellow of St John's College, will hold his award at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics and he is an associate Group Leader at the Wellcome Trust/…read more
  6. St John’s Fellow made Honorary Member of American Academy of Arts & Sciences

    The academy is one of the oldest policy research centres in the US
    Professor Malcolm Schofield will be inducted in October to the academy which was started during the American Revolution. Other new members of the academy include former President Barack Obama, actor Tom Hanks, CEO of New York Philharmonic Deborah Borda, and public policy advisor David Miliband. Professor Schofield is the Emeritus Professor of Ancient Philosophy at the University of Cambridge,…read more
  7. Baritone and composer recognised for services to music in Queen’s Birthday Honours

    Baritone Simon Keenlyside has been knighted for his services to music, and composer Thomas Adès was appointed a CBE.
    Two stars of the classical world – and Honorary Fellows at St John’s – have been named as receiving honours from the Queen. Award-winning baritone Simon Keenlyside has been knighted for his services to music, and composer Thomas Adès was appointed a CBE. Sir Simon became a chorister at St John's College School, which was founded by St John’s College for the education of the choristers of the…read more
  8. Master of St John’s honoured with knighthood in recognition of his ground-breaking research into Alzheimer’s disease

    "Sir Christopher has achieved remarkable breakthroughs and been a mentor to many other scientists"
    Professor Christopher Dobson has been knighted in the Queen's Birthday Honours 2018 to commemorate his illustrious scientific career. The Birthday Honours recognise the achievements of a wide range of extraordinary people from across the UK. Sir Christopher, Master of St John’s College, one of the largest and oldest of the Colleges of the University of Cambridge, was honoured for his…read more
  9. University Challenge trophy comes to St John’s after College team triumph

    The St John’s College name has now been engraved on the trophy and is on display in the Library
    Television’s most coveted quizzing prize is on now display at St John’s after our student team won University Challenge for the first time. The notoriously difficult programme is an intellectual quiz challenge which pitches the very brightest university students against each other. Team members James Devine-Stoneman, Rosie McKeown, John-Clark Levin and reserve team member Aneesh Aggarwal with…read more
  10. Never mind the bar snacks: Gastropubs are developing, not wrecking, the best of British pub culture

    According to a new study, the rise of the gourmet pub has been unfairly maligned
    Gastropubs have often been accused of helping to kill off the classic British alehouse. Where once the local was a lively, sticky-floored refuge for serious drinkers, now, critics say, it is just as likely to be a pricey hipster eatery, less inclined to serve pork scratchings with your pint than slow-roasted pork belly with a cider jus. But according to a new study, the rise of the gourmet pub…read more
  11. St John’s basketball club storm to victory in nail-biting Cuppers final

    "By using skills that everyone on our team had in common we were able to outpace the opposition to get more baskets in every game"
    The Yales beat a determined team from Darwin College 50-41 in a fast-paced Cuppers final to win the inaugural Madden Cup. The St John’s Men’s Basketball Club, the Yales, had an up-and-down season which saw it relegated to Division 2, but they rallied with extra training sessions for their Cuppers run. Their confidence was boosted by the addition of two experienced University first team players…read more
  12. Polymer crystals hold key to record-breaking energy transport

    “The distance that energy can be moved in these materials comes as a big surprise”
    Scientists from the universities of Cambridge and Bristol have found a way to create plastic semiconductor nanostructures that absorb light and transport its energy 20 times further than has been previously observed, paving the way for more flexible and more efficient solar cells and photodetectors.  The team of researchers, whose work appears today (25 May) in Science, includes Professor…read more
  13. Brain cholesterol associated with increased risk of Alzheimer's disease

    The results represent another step towards a possible treatment for Alzheimer's disease
    Researchers have shown how cholesterol - a molecule normally linked with cardiovascular diseases - may also play an important role in the onset and progression of Alzheimer's disease. In a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease, amyloid beta clusters (red) build up among neurons (green) in a memory-related area of the brain. Credit: NIH Image Gallery via Flickr The international team was led by…read more
  14. Master of St John’s elected as member of prestigious American Philosophical Society

    Membership of the prestigious society include illustrious names such as Charles Darwin, Louis Pasteur and Margaret Mead
    The oldest learned society in the United States has named Professor Chris Dobson as one of its new members. The American Philosophical Society was founded in 1743 by Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of America who helped draft the Declaration of Independence. It has played an important role in American cultural and intellectual life for more than 270 years. The purpose of the…read more
  15. International conference at St John’s to examine how social inequalities make people ill

    The day-long conference will feature talks and discussions with speakers from the UK, Europe and the US
    Health lessons humans can learn from other social mammals will be the focus of a free conference at St John’s next month. The St John’s College Reading Group on Inequalities in Health will host the international event in the Old Divinity School on June 1 and it is open to all. The day-long conference will feature talks and discussions with speakers from the UK, Europe and the US on social…read more
  16. St John’s College appoints Helen Murley as Domestic Bursar

    Helen Murley has come to St John’s from The British Council where she spent five years as the Global HR Director
    A new Domestic Bursar has joined St John’s to lead the internal administration of the College. Helen Murley has come to St John’s from The British Council where she spent five years as the Global HR Director. She succeeds Mark Wells, who among his other contributions spearheaded development of the College's new masterplan to help St John's make strategic decisions about its estate. Murley has…read more
  17. St John’s Research Fellow wins Raymond Andrew Prize

    “I am thrilled to win this award, as it recognises the enormous progress that we have made as a team"
    Former PhD candidate and newly-elected Fellow Dr Giuliana Fusco has been awarded the Raymond Andrew Prize 2018 for her outstanding PhD thesis. The Raymond Andrew Prize is awarded annually by the AMPERE Group to a young scientist for an outstanding PhD thesis in magnetic resonance. Giuliana’s winning thesis was entitled ‘Structural Properties of α-Synuclein in Structural Studies of the Functional…read more
  18. The Reverend Canon Mark Oakley appointed as Dean of Chapel at St John’s

    "I greatly look forward to making friendships and working partnerships.”
    The Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral has been named as the new Dean of Chapel at St John’s College. The Chapel of St John’s is one of the most recognisable buildings in Cambridge and is home to a lively, welcoming and inclusive community. The Reverend Canon Mark Oakley will oversee and manage the provision of services and the conduct of divine worship in the College Chapel, the activities of…read more
  19. New research shows prehistoric hunter-gatherers were the first people to ride horses and explores its impact on migration and languages

    The domestication of the horse was one of the most important milestones in human history.
    A new study has discovered that horses were first domesticated by hunter-gatherer descendants in Kazakhstan who left no direct modern trace. The domestication of the horse was one of the most important milestones in human history because it allowed people and their languages to move further and faster than ever before and it led to widespread farming and horse-powered war. Academics from around…read more
  20. Oldest genetic evidence of Hepatitis B virus found in ancient DNA from 4,500 year-old skeletons

    The research has been described as ‘truly remarkable’ and compared to the discovery of the first fossils.
    An extinct strain of the human Hepatitis B virus (HBV) has been discovered in Bronze Age human skeletons found in burial sites across Europe and Asia. A pioneering study has identified the oldest evidence of HBV in the ancient remains and proved that viruses can become extinct. The scientific significance of the research has been described as ‘truly remarkable’ and compared to the discovery of…read more
  21. St John’s victorious in Cuppers final against Queens’ College

    St John’s victorious in Cuppers final against Queens’ College
    St John’s College enjoyed a 35-13 victory against Queens’ College in the Cambridge University Rugby Football Union Cuppers final at Grange Road on Saturday. This was their fourth win in five years. Queens’ College played their first Cuppers final for 33 years, and they gave a defensive performance despite being under considerable pressure, competing right until the end of the match. The team…read more
  22. St John’s College win University Challenge for the first time

    It is the first time since the show aired in 1962 that St John’s has won the televised quiz show
    For the first time ever, St John’s College Cambridge have won University Challenge after defeating Merton College Oxford 145-100. It was a tight, tense final, with Merton College taking an early lead. St John’s eventually managed to stage a comeback, and won by a close margin of 45 points. The University Challenge team members stand outside College Chapel. From left to right: Matt Hazell,…read more
  23. Memorial Service for Dr Jim Charles

    Memorial Service for Dr Jim Charles, 1926 – 2017
    A Memorial Service for Dr James (Jim) Charles, BSc. Eng., MA, ScD, FREng, Fellow of St John’s College, Cambridge and Emeritus University Reader in Process Metallurgy, who died on 13 November 2017, aged 91, will be held in St John’s College Chapel on Saturday 26 May at 12 noon. Dr Jim Charles, who became a Fellow at St John’s in 1963 and was formerly College Lecturer in Materials Science and…read more
  24. Genetic adaptations to diving discovered in humans for the first time

    The relationship between spleen size and dive capacity has never before been examined in humans at the genetic level.
    Evidence that humans can genetically adapt to diving has been identified for the first time in a new study. The evidence suggests that the Bajau, a people group indigenous to parts of Indonesia, have genetically enlarged spleens which enable them to free dive to depths of up to 70m. It has previously been hypothesised that the spleen plays an important role in enabling humans to free dive for…read more
  25. Philanthropy Matters: How will philanthropy impact the University’s future?

    The campaign for the University and Colleges has passed the £1bn mark. So why does philanthropy matter to Cambridge?
    Bursaries and Studentships make a real difference to the lives of many students at St John's. In this article from CAM magazine some of these students share why financial assistance matters to them, and Professor Chris Dobson explains how philanthropic gifts make this all possible. The article by William Ham Bevan was originally published in CAM magazine (issue 83), and online at…read more