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Conor Travers crowned Countdown Champion of Champions

Conor Travers, currently studying Part III Mathematics at St John’s, recently won the 30th Birthday Championship of Countdown.

This is Conor’s second major victory on the cerebral television quiz show, having become the youngest ever Countdown series champion in 2006 at the age of 14. This time Conor matched the highest score ever achieved on the quiz, tallying 146 points in the final.

Conor comments that 'the final felt very surreal. Beforehand I was overcome with what had already happened and for the first time I felt nervous.’ Conor was able to get an early lead and did not lose focus even after achieving nine letter words, the maximum score, in three of the word rounds. ‘It was an incredible experience and afterwards I was overwhelmed with an elation which still hasn't gone away, similar to when I won back in 2006.'