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10 October 2017
Young researchers and entrepreneurs with a passion for biotechnology are invited to apply for a place at a global, international gathering at St John’s, which aims to kick-start new collaborations and accelerate innovations in the sector.
5 October 2017
Four members of St John’s are appearing in a broadcast of the iconic British quiz show University Challenge on Monday, pitted against the University of St Andrews. Here we meet the members of the team and find out why they wanted to be on the show, the backstage gossip and, most importantly, what the UK’s most famously grouchy quizmaster, Jeremy Paxman, is...
5 October 2017
Early humans seem to have recognised the dangers of inbreeding at least 34,000 years ago, and developed surprisingly sophisticated social and mating networks to avoid it, new research co-authored by College Fellow Eske Willerslev has found.
25 September 2017
Graduate students at Trinity and St John’s Colleges will be showcasing some of their latest ideas and research in an open session of “lightning” talks, taking place at St John’s on Tuesday, September 26.The event, which will start in the Old Divinity School at 5.30pm, will see four young researchers from both Colleges give abridged talks outlining their...
25 September 2017
For the first time, researchers have been able to use mud deposited on the depths of the ocean floor to measure changes in the speed of deep-sea currents. Using mud as a current meter could help scientists to identify fluctuating patterns in ocean current speeds stretching back into prehistory, enabling climate change researchers to get a better sense of...
22 September 2017
Guohua Hu, a fourth-year PhD student at St John’s is the lead author of new study which has successfully developed a formula for turning a new graphene-like material called black phosphorus (BP) into ink. The ink, which is compatible with conventional inkjet printing techniques, enables the high-speed and ultralow-cost mass production of next-generation...
21 September 2017
Researchers have quantified the astonishingly high speeds at which future solar cells would have to operate in order to stretch what are presently seen as natural limits on their energy conversion efficiency.
18 September 2017
Varun Warrier grew up in southern India and is now a PhD student at St John's researching the genetics of autism. 
14 September 2017
The unlikely coincidence of a local hospital record and a census led by a pioneering physician (and St John's alumnus) enabled College Fellow Simon Szreter to undertake the first study charting rates of venereal disease in 18th century England, revealing high infection levels in the city of Chester at this time.
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