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30 November 2015
Bright, young pupils from Mossbourne Community Academy in Hackney, London, have visited St John’s to get first-hand experience of university life and find out about the options available to them in higher-education. The visit took place as part of St John’s access programme, which is designed to raise the aspirations of talented students and give them...
30 November 2015
A gold certificate for outstanding customer service has been awarded to St John’s College by Cambridge BID for its catering operation. Cambridge BID is an organisation that represents 1,100 shops, bars, cafés, attractions and services in Cambridge city centre and aims to ensure that visitors, locals and businesses enjoy a vibrant, safe and clean...
27 November 2015
What does it mean to be English and what does that mean for our political future? Leading thinkers on the subject aim to reach some conclusions in a conference at St John's.A group of leading political thinkers, historians and commentators are gathering at St John’s today (27 November 2015) to examine the intensifying political debate over what it means to...
Charlotte Bronte, by George Richmond
26 November 2015
An unpublished short story and a poem written by Charlotte Bronte have been found in a precious book featuring a Johnian’s poems, which was previously owned by the writer’s mother, Maria.Manuscripts by a 17-year old Charlotte Bronte, dating back to 1833, have been found inside a rare book with a Johnian connection which was owned by Maria Bronte, mother to...
23 November 2015
St John’s College is to host the Cambridge International Development Conference on 28 November 2015, marking the 10th anniversary of the student-run event which discusses measures to tackle extreme poverty and global inequalities. 
23 November 2015
The catering team at St John’s College, Cambridge, have become the first to receive a two-star award of sustainability from the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s Food Made Good programme for their commitment to serving sustainable food. A two-star rating of sustainability has been awarded to St John’s College, Cambridge, by the Sustainable...
20 November 2015
A conference this Sunday, organised by Dr Theodor Dunkelgrün of St John's, will explore the impact of the work of the Jewish scholar Solomon Schechter.
19 November 2015
Ever wondered if a fly can ride a bicycle, or whether you could survive only on water? A new website on evolution, created by a team led by Professor Simon Conway Morris, has some intriguing answers.Are there actually Martians out there? Could life survive in boiling water? And more importantly, what is your dog really thinking?
17 November 2015
The family of the chief scientific officer from Ernest Shackleton’s famous Endurance expedition are to mark its centenary by completing part of his intended route to the South Pole and by digitising unpublished journals kept by their ancestor, James Wordie. Wordie was a student, Fellow and Master of St John's, and printed copies of the...
Ian Ostericher
16 November 2015
If you want to know more about past societies, you could do a lot worse than look at the stuff they threw away. In this short film PhD student Ian Ostericher explains whyRubbish, apparently, is more interesting than it looks – or, at least, it is when the rubbish in question is more than 5,000 years old.
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