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3 February 2016
The Ultimate Frisbee team have come out on top of the College League after beating Downing College in a highly competitive final.Ultimate Frisbee originated in the United States in the 1960’s and is a passing game not entirely dissimilar to netball.  The seven-a-side sport with mixed teams is non-contact and players must not drop the disc or take steps...
29 January 2016
A group of 70 bright, young pupils from schools in the London Borough of Lambeth have visited St John’s College, Cambridge, to find out from current undergraduates what studying at the University of Cambridge is really like.While at the College the students attended university-style academic sessions on themes ranging from polymers to fortune telling in the...
27 January 2016
Adam Crothers, Northern Irish poet and Library Assistant at St John’s College, is releasing his debut poetry collection on 28 January to glowing reviews. Several Deer, published by Carcanet, is a collection of over 60 poems on the themes of destruction, consumption, misogyny, gods, sex, failure and music. The poems have a range of influences from Bob...
27 January 2016
A bewildering physics problem has apparently been solved by a team of researchers led by St John's Benefactor Scholar, Stefano Martiniani. The study provides a mathematical basis for understanding issues ranging from predicting the formation of deserts, to making artificial intelligence more efficient.The research team developed a computer program that can...
27 January 2016
Quite how close we can really get to the world and word of the New Testament remains a matter of keen debate, but a performance at St John’s College this month promises to take audiences a very long way back in time and spirit.On two nights in February, the College is offering the chance to attend a dramatisation of the biblical narrative in the earliest of...
First Court, as seen on Google
27 January 2016
Whether you are thinking of applying to St John’s, or just interested in knowing a little more about the College, you can now explore some of its most famous buildings on Google Street View.
26 January 2016
A new College record label will provide an outlet for music by the College choir, as well as exciting new talent from the student community.St John’s College has announced the launch of its own record label, which will be used to release music by its world-famous choir, as well as outstanding musicians who are studying at the College.
Poster for Seksmisja (1984), which can be seen on 9 March
19 January 2016
A series of films exploring the theme of sexual secrets and deception, including The Wicker Man, Prudence and the Pill and Seksmisja, is to be shown at St John’s as part of the Reproduction on Film series which takes place before and during the city’s famous Science Festival.
18 January 2016
The following are elected into Fellowships under Title A from 1 October 2016:Mr Angelo Di Bernardo(Laurea, Naples, MSci, Arizona,)  for Materials ScienceDr James Francis Joseph Bryson(MSci, PhD, Cambridge)  for Earth SciencesMr Andrew Hsin Chen(AB, Harvard, MPhil, Cambridge)  for History of Art         ...
15 January 2016
Research finds independent genetic switches control different splotches of colour and pattern on Heliconius butterfly wings, and that these switches have been shared between species over millions of years, becoming “jumbled up” to create new and diverse wing displays.New research on butterfly genomes has revealed that the genetic components that produce...
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