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24 May 2016
A major conference at St John’s will set out some of the ideas and information about medieval Wales emerging from a new wave of research focused on the Welsh Chronicles; a collection of vital texts that have largely been neglected until now.A new wave of scholarship examining the chronicles of early Wales is generating new insights into both the country’s...
20 May 2016
A Wellcome Trust Grant will enable researchers to study finds from a cemetery on the site of the College’s Old Divinity School.Researchers have been awarded £1.2 million to study the remains of more than 400 people excavated from a medieval cemetery on what is now part of the site of St John’s College.
13 May 2016
With the news that impeachment proceedings are to go ahead against President Dilma Rousseff, disarray grips Brazilian politics.  In the midst of this political storm, a workshop to debate the issues surrounding the crisis and the future of Brazilian democracy is to take place at St John’s College, University of Cambridge. After weeks of crippling...
13 May 2016
A study of tropical butterflies has added to growing evidence that natural selection reduces species’ diversity by moulding parts of their genetic structure, including elements that have no immediate impact on their survival.
5 May 2016
An undefeated run over Lent term has sent St John’s College Basketball Club shooting up the League.Easter term 2015 signalled the end of an impressive St John’s College Basketball Club dynasty, as many of the team’s star players moved on after graduation, leaving the club to rebuild. After being relegated to the Third Division and suffering a series of...
5 May 2016
Erwin James, the author and Guardian columnist who served 20 years in prison for murder, is to come to St John’s to discuss his new memoir and the concept of redemption.After losing his mother age seven, Erwin James was passed between foster homes after his father became a violent alcoholic. By the age of 10, James had been arrested for his first offence...
Prisoner and prison officer
25 April 2016
A highly innovative project in which Cambridge students and prisoners studied together at a Category B prison in Buckinghamshire has broken down prejudices and created new possibilities for all of those who took part. "Learning Together" was co-created by Dr Ruth Armstrong, a Research Associate at St John's.The wealth of untapped academic talent inside the...
18 April 2016
The Cripps Building at St John’s has won two Awards from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in recognition of its architectural excellence and contribution to society.The Cripps Building has received a A RIBA East Award and a special RIBA East Conservation Award following a ceremony at St John’s College on Thursday.Cripps was opened in 1967...
14 April 2016
College Fellow, Dr Jason Robinson, is one of the lead researchers on a new project which aims to establish the UK as an international leader in the development of “superconducting spintronics” – technology that could significantly increase the energy-efficiency of data centres and high-performance computing.
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