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22 May 2015
Thousands of people from more than 100 different countries have taken part in an online course about the fascinating world of medieval manuscripts, co-taught and co-designed by a Fellow at St John’s.Digging Deeper is a collaborative online course, led and devised by Professor Elaine Treharne at Stanford University in collaboration with Dr Ben Albritton (...
21 May 2015
The Library will be staffed as per normal Term time hours (9am-7pm) on the Bank Holiday Monday.
DNA methylation: Image from WIkimedia Commons.
21 May 2015
World-renowned scientist Robert Winston will present the inaugural Bleehen Lecture on “The Science of God” at St John’s College on Tuesday 26 May.Lord Robert Winston, world-leading researcher in Reproductive and Developmental Biology, is to present the inaugural Bleehen Lecture at St John’s College next week, which will discuss the “Science of God”.
20 May 2015
St John’s College has joined the Sustainable Fish Cities Campaign, committing to only serve fish from sustainable sources on its menus.St John’s College has joined forces with Cambridge Sustainable Food to help to make Cambridge a Sustainable Fish City. The College has signed a pledge to only serve sustainable fish on its menus such as fish from the Marine...
Ancient Greek youth playing with a hoop and stick. Image: Wikimedia Commons.
19 May 2015
College Fellow Malcolm Schofield will examine infancy, childhood and play in Ancient Greek philosophy in this year's Gray Lectures at the Faculty of Classics. When Ancient Greek philosophers wanted to examine the human condition, they often began by contemplating the way a young child might see the world, and the toys and games with which they play.
18 May 2015
A new undergraduate exchange programme between St John’s College and Nagoya University in Japan has been launched, with an additional programme also being planned with an institution in China.Nagoya University is one of the leading higher education institutions in Japan. The cultural exchange programme, which began for the first time this year, will enable...
14 May 2015
Professor Paul Kennedy of Yale University will deliver the inaugural “Nightmare Series” lecture at St John’s College on Friday 15 May, exploring the wide-ranging geopolitical consequences of a sudden, major contamination event.What would happen if two billion people suddenly lost access to clean water? Professor Paul Kennedy will examine this disturbing...
14 May 2015
The choir continued a long-standing College tradition today, singing the Ascension Day carol from the rooftop of the College Chapel.The sound of choral music echoed from the rooftop of St John's Chapel today as the choir continued a College tradition going back over a hundred years.Crowds gathered in the College's First Court to hear the choir sing the...
The Iceberg by Marion Coutts. Credit: Atlantic Books
14 May 2015
Marion Coutts, Johnian and former Kettle’s Yard Artist Fellow, has been awarded the Wellcome Book Prize for her memoir The Iceberg.
12 May 2015
A WWII codebreaker and former Master of St John's College has been honoured with a Blue Heritage Plaque on his childhood home in Walsall. Sir Francis "Harry" Hinsley, Bletchley Park codebreaker, historian and former St John’s Master, has been formally recognised by English Heritage with a prestigious Blue Plaque on his childhood home in Walsall, near...
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