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Louise Makin
24 July 2015
Dr Dame Louise Makin, who is Chief Executive Officer of the healthcare firm, British Technology Group (BTG), has become an Honorary Fellow of St John’s College.A former postgraduate student at St John’s, Dame Louise became CEO at BTG in 2004 and has been credited with transforming the company’s fortunes. A Financial Times article last year said that she had...
Library books on shelf
22 July 2015
A new fundraising scheme whereby Johnians “sponsor a shelf” in the College Library has raised over £40,000 to buy books for current St John’s students.A recent fundraising scheme set up by the College Library has successfully raised over £40,000 to buy new textbooks for current St John’s students.
The British Academy. Image from the University of Cambridge.
21 July 2015
Four Johnians, including one Honorary Fellow of the College, have been elected to Fellowships of the British Academy. Four members of St John’s College, including Honorary Fellow Professor Jane Stapleton, have been elected to the British Academy.
21 July 2015
The Reverend Professor William “Owen” Chadwick, Honorary Fellow of St John’s and former Master of Selwyn College, has died at the age of 99.Noted religious historian and Honorary Fellow of St John’s, the Reverend Professor Owen Chadwick has died aged 99.
17 July 2015
The distinguished anthropologist Professor Sir Jack Goody, a Fellow of St John’s College, has died at the age of 95.Professor Goody had been a member of St John’s since his student days, and a Fellow since 1961. His outstanding academic career earned him an international reputation in the field of anthropology, which he also taught at the College for many...
Drosophila melanogaster
10 July 2015
Fruit flies are proving the unlikely source of a new initiative to help improve postgraduate research opportunities in Africa, with the support of Cambridge academics.Drosophila melanogaster, better known as the humble fruit fly, has emerged as the unlikely basis of an attempt to help to stem a “brain drain” from African universities.
9 July 2015
A previously unseen letter by Felix Mendelssohn is to go on public display in an exhibition about an unrealised British musical prodigy, revealing that he narrowly missed an opportunity to meet the great composer and perhaps transform his career.
1 July 2015
In a new study of evolutionary convergence, Professor Simon Conway Morris argues that the development of life on Earth is predictable, meaning that similar organisms should therefore have appeared on other, Earth-like planets by now.Extra-terrestrials that resemble humans should have evolved on other, Earth-like planets, making it increasingly paradoxical...
Elizabeth Adekunle
1 July 2015
The Reverend Elizabeth Adekunle, who is Chaplain of St John’s College, is to take up a new post as the Archdeacon of Hackney from April 2016.Liz is one of the youngest people to take on the role, which involves a range of responsibilities supporting the churches in the Stepney area of the Diocese of London. She has been appointed to the post by the Bishop...
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