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20 July 2016
A new detailed study of notes and sketches by Leonardo da Vinci has identified a page of scribbles in a tiny notebook as the place where Leonardo first recorded the laws of friction. The research also shows that he went on to apply this knowledge repeatedly to mechanical problems for more than 20 years. Scribbled notes and sketches on a page in a...
8 July 2016
The words of people caught up in the Ukrainian revolution and subsequent war are captured in a new play by Cambridge students. The verbatim play will debut at the Hotbed Theatre Festival at the Cambridge Junction on 9 July.The Summer Before Everything, aims to be both informative and deeply human, exploring a tapestry of historical events through three...
6 July 2016
A new study into an ancient sea worm called Oesia offers clues about a common ancestor which they shared with vertebrates, including humans, while also showing that the worms inhabited tube-like “dwellings” on the sea bed. The research is co-authored by Simon Conway Morris, a Fellow of St John's.The fossilised remnants of tube-like “dwellings” which housed...
1 July 2016
In 2014, Cambridge researchers including Johnian Rob Green monitored a series of seismic shocks which preceded Iceland’s biggest volcanic eruption in 200 years. The dramatic story of their work, and its scientific value, is now part of this year’s Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition.Faced with the prospect of an imminent volcanic eruption, most people...
30 June 2016
A new book written by Cambridge theologians aims to set the agenda for sexuality conversations being held at the Church of England’s General Synod in July by urging the Church towards acceptance and affirmation of committed same-sex relationships. The study warns that a failure to adopt such a stance would be “suicidal”.
Yehia Amar receives best poster prize. Photo credit - the CPACT team
23 June 2016
Johnian Yehia Amar has been awarded a prize for a presentation about his PhD research at a major manufacturing processes conference.Chemical Engineering graduate Yehia Amar has won first prize for a presentation about his PhD studies at the APACT (Advances in Process Analytics and Control Technology) Conference 2016, sponsored by Clairet Scientific Limited.
16 June 2016
Eight Johnians have been featured in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List for 2016: Lieutenant General Sir Andrew Richard Gregory (1976), Chief of Defence Personnel , received a KBE.Sir Damon Marcus Buffini (1981), Head of Permira, was awarded a Knight Bachelor for voluntary and charitable services.Professor Sir Roger Vernon Scruton (1965 Harper-Wood...
14 June 2016
Retail and institutional investors alike often buy stocks in Real Estate Investment Trusts, because they are known as defensive stocks, able to withstand periods of economic downturn, but a new study co-authored by College Fellow Eva Steiner explains why some of these companies could prove a much safer bet than others.Investors who buy stocks of Real Estate...
13 June 2016
Research led by a PhD student at St John's College has successfully used quantum states to mix a molecule with light at room temperature, which will aid in the exploration of new quantum technologies and provide new ways to manipulate the physical and chemical properties of matter.
13 June 2016
After four days of dramatic Bumps races on the Cam, the crew of the Lady Margaret Boat Club men’s first boat, M1, were crowned Head of the River on Saturday. It was the first time that M1 have claimed the title in 27 years.“Head of the River” is the title awarded to the crew whose boat are in first place in the first division following the famous May Bumps...
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