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On what would have been his 100th birthday, we present Orson Welles' most famous performance as you've never seen it before, in a newly-released film shot at St John's.
Genome sequencing, a potential tool that could be used to control growing bacterial resistance to antibiotics, is the subject of this year's Linacre Lecture.
Dr Alice Samson shows how archaeology could be used to improve humanitarian work in disaster zones.
This year's Dirac Lecture by Professor Sir Michael Atiyah asks 'What is an electron' - and how can Dirac help answer that question?
Following their triumph in the league earlier this year, the St John’s men’s rugby team have added to their impressive record with victory in the Cuppers Final over Emmanuel.
Dr Hannah Newton appeared on The One Show to discuss some of her research into the early days of children’s healthcare, and the feature can now be watched on BBC iPlayer.