Discover St John's

A highly innovative project, co-led by Dr Ruth Armstrong, is helping to break down stereotypes and open up new learning opportunities in prisons.
The Cripps Building at St John’s has won two awards from the Royal Institute of British Architects in recognition of its architectural excellence and contribution to society.
The College has announced two new financial support schemes to help students from lower-income families and fund educational and career development activities over the summer.
St John’s has visited more than 1,200 pupils from schools across the North West in its largest push to date to encourage bright students from the area to apply to top universities.
As the power consumption of data centres grows, Dr Jason Robinson is part of a project aiming to turn the UK into a hub for a new technology that may offer a solution.
The inaugural Newell Classics Event, celebrating the classical world, is to take place at St John’s College on April 28