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An online course co-designed by Dr Orietta da Rold has helped thousands of new learners to discover more about the fascinating world of medieval manuscripts.
Are science and religion in conflict, or can they both learn from each other? Robert Winston examines the "Science of God" in a talk at St John's next week.
St John’s College has joined the Sustainable Fish Cities Campaign, committing to only serve fish from sustainable sources on its menus.
Professor Malcolm Schofield will explore infancy, childhood and play in Ancient Greek philosophy in a lecture series at the Faculty of Classics this week.
A new undergraduate exchange programme between St John’s College and Nagoya University in Japan has been launched, with an additional programme being planned in China.
Joseph Mambwe and his team have won first prize in the Appathon competition with the 'SmartWear' app which allows users to try on virtual clothes and create an online wardrobe.