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In a new study, Professor Simon Conway Morris argues that the development of life on Earth is predictable, raising fascinating questions about life on other planets.
St John’s Law student Jarret Huang has been awarded five prestigious prizes over the last two years.
The Reverend Elizabeth Adekunle, who is Chaplain of St John’s College, is to take up a new post as the Archdeacon of Hackney from April 2016.
Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta called for a fundamental shift in our attitude to natural resources at a conference at St John's this week. His presentation is now available online.
Academics, researchers, scientists and students came together to inspire the next generation of women in STEM at a recent event at St John's.
Arya Thampi, from Kerala, India, has won a Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarship, giving her the opportunity to study for her PhD in Physics at St John’s College from September