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A new study of notes and sketches by Leonardo da Vinci has identified a page of scribbles in a tiny notebook as the place where Leonardo first recorded the laws of friction.
A play by Cambridge students, which captures the words of people caught up in the Ukrainian revolution and subsequent war, will debut at the Hotbed Theatre Festival 2016.
Research co-authored by College Fellow Simon Conway Morris into a prehistoric sea worm called "Oesia" offers intriguing clues about a common ancestor it shared with humans.
In 2014, John's student Rob Green was part of a team monitoring a massive volcanic eruption in Iceland. Their story forms part of this year's Royal Society Summer Exhibition.
Leading theologians have called on the Church of England to recognise and celebrate same-sex relationships, warning that to take a hard line on the subject would be “suicidal”.
A record number of outstanding students from St John's have received Larmor Awards - a unique College honour recognising all-round excellence during their undergraduate careers.