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18 July 2017
Dr Annis May Timpson has been appointed Director of Education and Senior Tutor at St John’s. She will join the College in August, and will formally take up her new position in October.Dr Annis May Timpson is to join St John’s College as its new Director of Education and Senior Tutor.  Dr Timpson is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of...
17 July 2017
St John’s is currently trialling an award-winning all-terrain wheelchair, with the aim of offering it to students with disabilities.A new all-weather and all-terrain wheelchair is being tested at St John’s to help disabled students manoeuvre around the College’s  historic buildings.
11 July 2017
Dominic Holloway studies Chemical Engineering at St John's. He is also a swimmer and captain with the Cambridge University Swimming Club, where he has already notched up a couple of club record times. In this short film, he tells us about studying and swimming at Cambridge.
11 July 2017
Three Johnians were successful at the Royal Academy of Engineering Awards, presented by The Duke of Kent. The winner of the MacRobert Award, the top Royal Academy of Engineering Award for innovation, was Raspberry Pi. Dr Eben Upton CBE, a St John’s alumnus, is the CEO of the organisation, and Dr Robert Mullins, Fellow of St John’s and University Lecturer in...
11 July 2017
In a study co-authored by St John's Fellow Simon Conway Morris, researchers show how major changes in the chemical composition of the world’s oceans enabled the first large organisms – possibly some of the earliest animals – to exist and thrive more than half a billion years ago. 
5 July 2017
Gabriela Montejo-Kovacevich is an evolutionary geneticist studying how Heliconius butterflies adapt to different climates – research that often takes her deep into the Amazon rainforest.  
3 July 2017
Julia Gottwald, PhD Psychiatry candidate, has won the Association of British Science Writers Best Student Science Journalist Award.Julia won the Best Student Science Journalist Award for her article entitled Does your brain have a sex? which was published by BlueSci, the Cambridge University Science Magazine, Easter 2016.Julia, a third year PhD student at...
30 June 2017
Adam Crothers, Special Collections Assistant at St John’s has won the Seamus Heaney Centre Prize for his debut poetry collection Several Deer, published by Carcanet.The Prize is awarded by the Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry, which is part of Queen's University, Belfast.
30 June 2017
College Research Associate Dr Akshay Rao has been awarded the Henry Moseley Medal and Prize for exceptional early career contributions to experimental physics.Dr Akshay Rao, a Research Associate at St John’s, has been awarded the Henry Moseley Medal and Prize for “groundbreaking studies into the electronic properties of organic semiconductors, particularly...
28 June 2017
Six brilliant students from St John’s have been honoured with Larmor Awards, a prize given annually to graduating junior members in recognition of “intellectual qualifications, moral conduct, or practical activities.”Named after the 20th-century physicist and mathematician, Sir Joseph Larmor, who was both a student and Fellow of the College, the awards are...
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