St John's Poster Competition

Winners' Gallery

Winners' Gallery

The 2021 theme was CONNECTING, and we were impressed by how imaginative the entries were! Take a look below at a selection of winning submissions.


Pedro Almodóvar poster

This striking poster on the Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar was the Overall Winner in 2021.












The Villa Savoye poster

This brilliant poster on the iconic building, The Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier, won the 2021 'Best Poster' award.











Entangled Quantum Particles: "Spooky actions at a distance" poster

This illuminating poster on quantum entanglement was the joint winner of 'Best Presentation' in 2021.











Linkage Mapping in the Human Genome Project poster

This eye-catching poster on genetic mapping was the joint winner of 'Best Presentation' in 2021.











National Identity - Connecting People and Places poster

This innovative poster on connections between people, place, and identity won the 2021 award for 'Best Research'.













The 2020 theme was GREEN, and we were delighted by how creative the submissions were! Take a look below at some past winners.




Fibonacci poster

This fantastic poster on Fibonacci sequence in nature was the Overall Winner in 2020 and was awarded the prize for 'Best Poster'. 




































SpaceX poster

This great poster on Environmentally Sustainable Spaceflight won the 2020 award for 'Best Research'. 


















Pan's Labyrinth poster

While this amazing languages poster for Pan's Labyrinth won Best Presentation in 2020.