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SPS - Hamish Falconer

Hamish Falconer studied Economics, English, Geography and History at A-level and is from North London . He was awarded the Larmor Award for moral, practical and intellectual achievements and has been offered a place in the Civil Service Fast Stream graduate programme.

'I wasn't sure what to apply for at University and was initially sceptical about SPS, having never studied any of its component parts. After three years of study however, I am incredibly pleased with my choice. To me, whatever individual subjects and options you pursue over your three years (and there is a great deal of choice), ultimately the subject is about how we as humans can live together. Throughout my three years I always felt like this was the most important thing I could possibly be reading about. SPS takes hard work, but also allows for the flexibility to do other things.

Throughout my three years, I was chair of the University Amnesty International group, started a small campaigning group, and had the chance to travel.

All of these things complemented my degree, and even where they had little direct application to my course, I was always impressed that the more knowledge you acquired about the world, the more you could get out of SPS.'

  - Hamish Falconer, graduated 2008