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ROADmap Systems

The Company

ROADMap SystemsROADMap Systems is a high tech start up spun out of Cambridge University Engineering Department. The company is based in St John’s Innovation Centre and is developing next generation technology for telecom and data comm applications. The recent rapid growth in internet traffic, driven by applications such as video streaming and cloud computing, has led to an increasing demand for more powerful optical switches that operate with lower electrical power requirements. To address this need, ROADMap Systems are developing an innovative, energy-efficient, universal flexible optical switch to provide the higher switching capacity required by future telecom and data centre networks.

The Opportunity

Summer Project

The intern will work as part of a team developing the hardware, control software, and data analysis tools for our next generation optical switch. They will play a key role in solving practical engineering challenges, as well as gaining experience of working in a start up environment.  



The intern should be an Engineering, Maths, Physics, or Computer Scientist student, on course to receive a First or 2:1, who is keen to apply their skills and knowledge to technical challenges in either hardware or software design.


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