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Research Fellows

Bales A
Dr Adam Bales
Decision Making
I am interested in the way that we do and should make decisions; in the role that regret and resolution play in our lives; and in the role of practical wisdom.
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Dr Nicholas Blunt
Natural Sciences (Physical)
High-accuracy quantum chemistry methods, particularly for systems where established approaches are unreliable; quantum Monte Carlo methods; excited-state and finite-temperature methods in quantum chemistry.
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Dr Tristan Brown
Dr Tristan Brown
Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Chinese History
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James Bryson
Dr James Bryson
Natural Sciences (Physical)
Earth Sciences
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Andrew Chen
Dr Andrew Chen
History of Art
Renaissance art and contemplative practices; function and meaning of art in ritual contexts; ruptures between representation and expectation.
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Angelo di bernardo
Dr Angelo Di Bernardo
Natural Sciences (Physical)
Materials Science
hybrid superconductor/ferromagnet systems, spintronics, oxide interfaces, muon spectroscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy, nanoscience, bioengineering
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Dr Fusco
Dr Giuliana Fusco
Chemical Engineering
The underlying mechanisms of Parkinson’s Disease
Further developing studies on Parkinson’s disease and using the knowledge and tools developed during the PhD to address in detail the origin of this disease as well as to design research strategies to combat it.
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Dr Dorian Gangloff
Natural Sciences (Physical)
Quantum optics, quantum networks, and quantum information processing. Optically-active semiconductor quantum dots. Trapped ions. Control of mesoscopic systems.
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Miss Helena Knowles
Dr Helena Knowles
Natural Sciences (Physical)
Quantum sensing using single spins in diamond nanocrystals; Spin-spin interactions in mesoscopic systems.
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Mr Simon Martin
Dr Simon Martin
Natural Science (Biological)
Evolutionary Biology, Speciation, Population Genetics, Genomics.
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Hilary Martin
Dr Hilary Martin
Basis of common and rare genetic diseases; population and evolutionary genetics; using genetics to find new drug targets
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Ms Mawson
Stephanie Mawson
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Dr Meier
Dr Joana Meier
Natural Science (Biological)
Evolutionary genomics; Speciation
My main research focus is on speciation and evolutionary genomics. Why do some taxa rapidly generate new species, whereas others remain species-poor? I am particularly interested in the role of hybridisation
(interbreeding) in rapid speciation and adaptation. My study systems include cichlid fishes from the East African Lake Victoria and Heliconius butterflies from the Andes in Ecuador.

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Jessie Munton
Dr Jessie Munton
Medical Science
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Ms Salgarella
Dr Ester Salgarella
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Dr Erica Wickerson
Modern and Medieval Languages

I research the ways in which time and space interact in literature, and how the subjective experience of time and space is presented in narrative. My main research interest is modern German literature, particularly writers such as Thomas Mann and Franz Kakfa. My book, 'The Architecture of Narrative Time: Thomas Mann and the Problems of Modern Narrative', will appear with OUP.
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Dr Alex Wong
English poetry of the early modern period until about 1700; English Renaissance verse in relation to Renaissance Latin verse; Victorian literature, especially authors associated with the Aesthetic Movement; the essay; form, style and genre; irony.
Working at present on 'aesthetic criticism' and the 'aesthetic life' as represented by late-Victorian and early-twentieth-century writers in the wake of Walter Pater.
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