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E Willerslev
Professor Eske Willerslev
College Supervisor in Zoology
Natural Science (Biological)
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David Williams
Dr David L Williams
Director of Studies in Veterinary Medicine & Pathology, College Lecturer in Pathology, Associate University Lecturer in Veterinary Ophthalmology
Medical Science

Veterinary and comparative ophthalmology, specifically age-related cataract, ocular surface disease and immunology.
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Dr Alex Wilshaw
College Lecturer in Biological Anthropology, Research Associate on the 'In Africa' Project, Deputy Dean of Discipline
Biological Anthropology
Human Evolution. In particular, the evolution of Later Stone Age technologies, human evolutionary ecology and population patterns during the late-Pleistocene/early-Holocene in Kenya and East Africa.
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Dr Ian M Winter
College Lecturer in Physiology
Medical Science
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Dr Alex Wong
English poetry of the early modern period until about 1700; English Renaissance verse in relation to Renaissance Latin verse; Victorian literature, especially authors associated with the Aesthetic Movement; the essay; form, style and genre; irony.
Working at present on 'aesthetic criticism' and the 'aesthetic life' as represented by late-Victorian and early-twentieth-century writers in the wake of Walter Pater.
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Dr Paul T Wood
College Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry, University Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry, Director of Studies in Natural Sciences (Physical)
Natural Sciences (Physical)

Inorganic Chemistry
Synthesis and characterisation of new porous materials for gas separation and storage, and new magnetic materials. Synthesis in superheated liquids.
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Professor Andrew W Woods
College Supervisor in Mathematics , BP Prof of Petroleum Science
Applied Mathematics
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Professor Andrew D H Wyllie
College Supervisor in Pathology, Emeritus Professor of Pathology
Medical Science
The biology of programmed cell death (apoptosis). The role of apoptosis in response to cell injury and its relevance to cancer. The molecular biology of human colorectal cancer.
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