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Professor Roger F Griffin
Emeritus Prof of Observational Astronomy
Natural Sciences (Physical)
Stellar spectroscopy and radial velocities. Measurement of radial velocities with on-site 36-inch reflector at Cambridge. Binary and multiple stars; orbit determination.
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Stephen Gull
Professor Stephen F Gull
College Supervisor in Physics and Astrophysics, Emeritus Professor of Physics
Natural Sciences (Physical)
Radio Astronomy
Bayesian data analysis. Physical applications of geometric algebras. Astrophysical fluid dynamics and plasma physics.
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Commodore John W R Harris
Formerly Domestic Bursar
Royal Navy
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Professor B Jane Heal
College Supervisor in Philosophy, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy
Philosophy of language and of mind; the thought of Wittgenstein; the interrelations of metaphysics, epistemology and ethics.
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Dr Holstein
Dr Julian Holstein
Director of Studies in Mathematics
My research interests lie at the intersection of algebraic geometry and algebraic topology with higher category theory and homotopical algebra.

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Professor Geoffrey C Horrocks
College Supervisor in Classics, Emeritus Prof of Comparative Philology
History and structure of the Greek and Latin languages, medieval and modern Greek grammar and semantics, grammatical theory, historical linguistics.
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Professor Deborah Howard
Professor Emerita of Architectural History, Formerly Head of Department of History of Art

Architecture & History of Art
The art and architecture of Venice and the Veneto; Renaissance architectural theory; cultural exchanges between Italy and the Eastern Mediterranean; aspects of Scottish architecture.
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Dr Howard P Hughes
Supervisor in Physics, Emeritus Reader in Physics, Formerly Tutor
Natural Sciences (Physical)
Optical and electronic properties of nanostructures. Plasmons in microstructured metals.
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Professor Ian M Hutchings
Emeritus Professor of Manufacturing Engineering, Chairman of St John's Innovation Centre Ltd.
Scientific and technical aspects of inkjet printing; tribology, especially wear, the application of tribological principles to manufacturing processes and the history of tribology
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Dr John B Hutchison
Formerly College Lecturer in Physiology
The role of steroids in neuroprotection and brain repair. The neural, biochemical and genetic mechanisms involved in the sexual differentiation of the brain and behaviour.
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Dr Tom Hynes
College Lecturer in Engineering (Part 1), University Reader in Mechanical Engineering
Aerodynamics of jet engines. Aircraft and helicopter noise. Compressor stall. Minimising the environmental impact of aviation.
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John Iliffe
Professor John Iliffe
College Supervisor in History, University Prof of African History

African History
Research in African History.
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Professor Chris D Jiggins
College Lecturer in Zoology, Director of Studies in Natural Sciences (Biological), Animal Biology & Zoology, Evolution & Behaviour
Natural Science (Biological)
Speciation and the genetic basis of adaptation in neotropical butterflies. Population genomics in evolutionary biology.
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Ray G Jobling
Formerly Senior Tutor, University Lecturer in Sociology, College Lecturer in Sociology
Human, Social and Political Sciences (HSPS)
Sociology and politics of health care and health professions, especially Medicine & Pharmacy. Psycho-social & cultural aspects of chronic illness, especially dermatological conditions.
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Professor Peter T Johnstone
College Supervisor in Mathematics, Emeritus Professor of the Foundations of Mathematics
Pure Mathematics
Categorical aspects of the foundations of mathematics, in particular topos theory. Applications of category theory to mathematical logic, physics and theorectical computer science.
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Dr HJ Joyce
Dr Hannah Joyce
University Lecturer in Electronic Devices and Materials, College Lecturer in Engineering
Semiconductor nanomaterials for optoelectronics and photovoltaics.
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Professor John F Kerrigan
College Supervisor in English, University Prof of English 2000
Shakespeare and early modern literature, especially the interaction between cultural history and British-Irish state formation. Textual scholarship. Poetry since Wordsworth.
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Fleur Kilburn Toppin
Dr Fleur Kilburn-Toppin
Director of Studies in Clinical Medicine & Anatomy, College Lecturer in Clinical Medicine, Deputy Dean of Discipline
Medical Science
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Professor Ann-Louise Kinmonth
College Supervisor and Director of Studies in Clinical Medicine, Clinical Director, Foundation Prof of General Practice, Chair Undergraduate Admissions Working Group, Member of Council, Chair inequalities in health reading group
Medical Science
Prevention of diabetes and its consequences; development and evaluation of complex behavioural interventions; the place of the generalist physician.
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Tuomas KNowles
Professor Tuomas P J Knowles
College Lecturer in Nanoscience
Natural Sciences (Physical)
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Ladds G.
Dr Graham Ladds
College Lecturer in Pharmacology, Director of Studies in Pharmacology
Medical Science
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Dr Austen Lamacraft
College Lecturer in Physics
Natural Sciences (Physical)
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Cristel Lane
Professor Christel O Lane
College Lecturer in Sociology, Prof of Economic Sociology
Human, Social and Political Sciences (HSPS)
Economic Sociology: Varieties of capitalism theory. Transformations of corporate governance systems in Europe. Responses of UK and German companies to globalisation: reconfiguration of the value chain and foreign sourcing.
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Tomas Larsson
Dr Tomas H Larsson
Senior Lecturer in the Department of Politics and International Studies, College Lecturer in Politics
History and Politics

Social & Political Science
Comparative Politics and International Relations: Southeast Asia, state formation, economic development.
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Professor Ernest D Laue
Dean of Discipline, University Prof of Structural Biology, Formerly College Lecturer in Biochemistry
Natural Science (Biological)
Structural Biology
Understanding how chromatin structure controls gene expression.
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