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Fellows directory

Tutor for Graduate Affairs, Tutor, College Lecturer in Mathematics for Natural Sciences
Dr Sue Colwell
Natural Sciences (Physical)
Mathematics for Natural Sciences
Non-linear dynamics. Applications to molecular vibration-rotation spectra. Molecular Quantum Mechanics. Time-dependent Density Functional Theory methods for electromagnetic molecular properties.
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University Prof of Evolutionary Palaeobiology
Professor Simon Conway Morris
Natural Science (Biological)
Analysis of evolutionary convergence and role of historical contingency. The Cambrian "explosion" and Burgess Shale-type faunas. Early evolution of the deuterostomes. Debates in science and religion.
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Meredith Crowley-SJC
College Lecturer in Economics, University Lecturer in Economics
Dr Meredith Crowley
international trade, trade policy, firms in international trade, law and economics of the GATT/WTO
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Dr Rold O
College Lecturer in English, University Lecturer in Medieval Literature and the Material Text: 1100-1500
Dr Orietta Da Rold
Medieval Literature, Chaucer, Editing, Textual Studies and Medieval British Manuscripts.
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College Supervisor in Economics, Formerly Frank Ramsey Prof of Economics
Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta
Environmental and resource economics. The economics of poor countries. Game theory.
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Dr M De Volder
Reader in Nanomanufacturing, College Lecturer in Engineering
Dr Michael De Volder
Nanoparticle manufacturing and assembly.
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Angelo di bernardo
Research Fellow in Materials Science
Dr Angelo Di Bernardo
Natural Sciences (Physical)
Materials Science
hybrid superconductor/ferromagnet systems, spintronics, oxide interfaces, muon spectroscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy, nanoscience, bioengineering
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Dean, Affiliated Lecturer in Divinity, College Lecturer in Theology
The Rev'd Duncan Dormor
Contemporary family change and sexual ethics from the perspective of the Christian tradition.
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Director of International Programmes, College Lecturer in Applied Mathematics
Dr Matthias Dörrzapf
Applied Mathematics
Algebraic aspects of quantum field theories, in particular representations of superconformal algebras in conformal field theories and string theories.
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Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Director of Studies Preclinical Medical and Veterinary studies, Part 1B, University Reader in Sensorimotor Neuroscience
Dr Steve Edgley
Medical Science
Neuroscience: Information processing in motor systems. Organisation and contribution to movement of the spinal cord, cerebellum and motor cortex.
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Research Fellow in Physiology, Next Generation Fellow at the Centre for Trophoblast Research
Dr Michael Elliot
Natural Science (Biological)
Evolutionary Biology
Evolutionary reproductive physiology, preeclampsia and other diseases of pregnancy, phylogenetics, computational approaches in evolution, animal models of human disease.
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Evans G
College Lecturer in French, University Affiliated Lecturer in the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages
Dr Georgina Evans
History and Modern Languages

Georgina Evans works mainly on contemporary French film. She has a particular interest in inter-sensory relationships in cinema, and the workings of synaesthetic narrative. She has published work on the French films of Michael Haneke and Krzysztof Kieslowski, and also has a particular interest in Claire Denis. Her next project examines the idea of home in French cinema.
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College Supervisor in Economics, University Professor of Economic Theory
Professor Robert Evans
Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory, Political Economy, Economics of Contracts.
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Senior Bursar
Chris Ewbank
Responsible for overall direction of the College's finances.
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Kristian Franze
College Director of Studies in Natural Sciences (Biological), University Reader in Neuronal Mechanics
Dr Kristian Franze
Natural Science (Biological)
Mechanobiology, Neuroscience, Biophysics, Developmental Biology
The mechanobiology of nervous system development and pathology.
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Cavendish Prof of Physics
Professor Sir Richard Friend
Natural Sciences (Physical)
Optoelectronic properties of organic semiconductors. Polymer light-emitting diodes, solar cells and transistors.
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Research Fellow in Physics
Dr Dorian Gangloff
Quantum optics, quantum networks, and quantum information processing. Optically-active semiconductor quantum dots. Trapped ions. Control of mesoscopic systems.
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Jodi Simone Gardner
College Associate Lecturer in Law
Jodi Simone Gardner
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Formerly President, Tutor, Senior Proctor, College Supervisor in Pure Mathematics, University Emeritus Reader in Mathematical Analysis
Dr D J H (Ben) Garling
Pure Mathematics
Functional Analysis, and particularly the geometry of Banach spaces, probabilistic methods, related inequalities and applications to classical analysis.
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College Lecturer in Economics, University Senior Lecturer
Dr Petra Geraats
Macroeconomics, international finance and behavioral economics, with a special interest in transparency of monetary policy.
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Professor of Information Engineering, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge
Professor Zoubin Ghahramani
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Gilbertson R
Director of Studies for Clinical Science
Professor Richard Gilbertson
Medical Science
Molecular Oncology
Normal development and the origins of cancer, particularly brain tumors. Development of new treatments of cancer. Diagnostic tests and clinical trials among children with cancer.
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Formerly Director of Studies, College Supervisor and University Lecturer in Geography, Dean,
Dr Robin Glasscock
Medieval settlement, agriculture and the economy in the UK and Ireland. Landscape history.
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Formerly Master, Formerly University Professor of Theoretical Physics, Emeritus Professor, School of Natural Sciences, Formerly Director of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
Dr Peter Goddard
Mathematical physics; elementary particle physics; string theory; conformal field theory; infinite-dimensional Lie algebras.
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Director, Centre for Neuroscience in Education, Professor of Cognitive Developmental Neuroscience
Professor Usha Goswami
Cognitive development in children. Cognitive neuroscience of literacy and numeracy. Brain basis of dyslexia.
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