Professor Malcolm Schofield
Emeritus Professor of Ancient Philosophy, College Supervisor in Ancient Philosophy
Has interests in a broad range of subjects within ancient Greek and Roman philosophy. Author (with G.S. Kirk and J.E. Raven) of The Presocratic Philosophers (Cambridge U.P., 1983 [2nd edn.]), The Stoic Idea of the City (Chicago U.P., 1999 [expanded edn.]), Saving the City (Routledge, 1999), and Plato: Political Philosophy (Oxford U.P., 2006). Co-editor of The Cambridge History of Hellenistic Philosophy (Cambridge U.P., 1999), and the Cambridge History of Greek and Roman Political Thought (Cambridge U.P., 2000). Editor of Aristotle, Plato and Pythagoreanism in the First Century B.C. (Cambridge U.P., 2013). Currently working mostly on Plato's Laws and on Cicero's philosophical writings.
Office: B2b Chapel Court
Telephone: 38644
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M Seita
Dr Matteo Seita
Granta Design Assistant Professor in the Department of Engineering
Dr Seita's research focuses on metal additive manufacturing (AM), characterisation and testing, and microstructure engineering of structural alloys. He is very interested in studying how the point-by-point material forming process typical of AM yields the microstructure heterogeneity that is frequently observed in metal parts. This heterogeneity is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it leads to large property scatter and casts uncertainty over parts performance, hindering the adoption of additive technologies by the industry. On the other hand, it may impart exceptional mechanical properties, which even surpass those found in conventionally produced materials. Dr Seita's goal is to understand and control this microstructure heterogeneity to design and produce materials with "architected microstructures" which will exhibit more predictable behaviour and tailored functionalities. His vision is that this unique capability will enable a new design paradigm in metal AM for producing both geometry-and microstructure-optimized parts.
Office: B1b Chapel Court
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Amanda Sferruzzi-Perri
Professor Amanda Sferruzzi-Perri
College Lecturer in Physiology/Reproductive Biology , Tutor for Law Part IB and Part II, Education and AMES
Natural Science (Biological)
Physiology/Reproductive Biology
Professor Sferruzzi-Perri's interest lies in understanding the aetiology of pregnancy complications and the regulation of developmental processes in a wider context. Her laboratory has been investigating the environmental and genetic control of placental morphogenesis and function and its relevance for fetal development, maternal health and the long-term programming of disease.
Office: E9a New Court
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Darshil Shah
Dr Darshil Shah
College Lecturer in Architecture/Design, Associate Professor in Materials in the Department of Architecture
Architecture and Design
Dr Shah specialises in natural materials science and technology. Understanding the relationships between materials, society, technology, history and nature, his research aims to design and innovate with natural materials by exploring low-energy methods of manufacture, improving structural performance, introducing multi-functionalities, translating across disciplines and application sectors.

Dr Shah's research and design at the Centre for Natural Material Innovation (CNMI) imagines the replacement of anthropogenic materials (concrete, metals, plastics) with bio-based materials, such as engineered timber, bamboo, natural fibres and their composites. Examples include a megawatt wind turbine with a wooden tower and flax biocomposite blades, an affordable ankle-foot disability orthosis from recycled plastic waste, an off-grid low-energy house constructed from industrial hemp materials, a room-temperature processing method for silk-like textile fibres, and a green policy that weaves agroforestry and construction in a circular bioeconomy approach enabling aggressive decarbonisation.

Office: A3 Chapel Court
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Dr Rebecca Shercliff
Dr Rebecca Shercliff
Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic (ASNC)
My research centres on medieval texts and their development in the context of their social, historical and literary background, with a particular focus on producing new editions and translations of previously neglected works. My main research interests are medieval Irish literature and early Arthurian literature.
Office: F1c Cripps
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Professor Ben D Simons
College Supervisor in Physics, Herchel Smith Chair in Physics
Natural Sciences (Physical)
Biophysics of stem cell and developmental biology; mesoscopic physics; condensation and non-equilbrium phenomena in ultracold atomic gases

Office: E5b New Court
Telephone: 38738
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Sofia Singler
Dr Sofia Singler
Assistant Professor of Architecture, College Lecturer in Architecture
History and theory of architecture, Modern and contemporary architecture, The Aaltos, Sámi architecture
Dr Singler’s specialism is Aalto scholarship — the critical analysis of the architecture, urbanism, design and thought of Finnish modernists Alvar, Aino and Elissa Aalto and their associates. Her other research interests lie in the histories and theories of modern architecture, Indigenous architectures, architectural criticism, and architectural pedagogies for children. She is currently engaged in two main research projects, one on the post-construction ‘afterlives’ of Aalto buildings, and the other on contested notions of contemporaneity in Sámi public buildings.

Informing and informed by her academic research, Dr Singler is also actively engaged in curating architecture. Major exhibitions include Città dei Morti — City of the Dead at the Alvar Aalto Museum (2015) — and, most recently, Alvar Aalto in Deutschland: Gezeichnete Moderne/Alvar Aalto in Germany: Drawing Modernism at the Tchoban Foundation in Berlin (2023). She also served as academic adviser and presenter for the feature-length documentary film, 'AALTO' (dir. Virpi Suutari, 2020).

Dr Singler lectures and supervises widely across the Architecture Tripos, particularly for historical-theoretical papers, and supervises MArch and MAUS students. She also teaches research methods to graduate students and serves as a tutor and examiner for the MSt Apprenticeship in Architecture.

Office: Room 4, Merton Hall
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Dr Jack Smith
Dr Jack Smith
Director of Studies in Pure Mathematics, College Lecturer in Pure Mathematics
Dr Smith studies mirror symmetry: a remarkable duality between two radically different types of geometry, originally predicted by physicists studying string theory. He uses ideas from algebra to prove results about mirror symmetry, and vice versa.
Office: B5 New Court
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Holly Smith Photo
Holly Smith
(BA, MPhil Cambridge, PhD University College London) for History
I am an historian of modern Britain. My work lies at the intersection of architectural and political history. I’m crucially preoccupied by how people translate their feelings about the built environment into language.
My doctoral thesis offered a new history of high-rise housing and its grassroots reception in Britain. It revised influential arguments that high-rise architecture has been universally unpopular amongst its inhabitants. I excavated a diverse range of historical residential responses to different multi-storey environments to suggest a more nuanced relationship between architectural form and subjectivity.
At St John’s, I’m turning to a new project on the post-war community architecture movement. Responding to the perceived repression of democracy in 'modernist' post-war urban design, this movement called for more participatory architectural practice. My project traces the curious migration of the movement’s arguments – from their emergence in leftist counter-culture during the 1960s–70s to their redeployment by figures on the right by the 1980s. This research proposes that the ‘New Left’ and ‘New Right’ (conventionally characterised as profoundly polarised camps) drew upon a shared political language in post-war Britain.
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David Stuart
Professor David M A Stuart
College Lecturer in Applied Mathematics , University Professor in Mathematics
Applied Mathematics
Partial differential equations in classical field theory. Soliton dynamics in gauge theories, general relativity and quantum field theory.
Office: M6 Second Court
Telephone: 66551
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Professor Yuri M Suhov
College Lecturer in Statistics, Emeritus Professor of Applied Probability
Mathematical Statistics
Dynamical systems, statistical mechanics (classical and quantum), queueing networks, random processes and fields.
Office: I4 New Court (shared)
Telephone: 68192
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Simon Szreter
Professor Simon R S Szreter
University Professor of History and Public Policy

The history of demographic, social and economic change in Britain since c.1750 and the history of international thought in the empirical social sciences and demography. Founding Editor of
Office: B2a Chapel Court
Telephone: 38613
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John R Taylor
Professor John R. Taylor
College Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, Professor in Oceanography
Applied Mathematics
Fluid Dynamics and Oceanography.
Office: E12b New Court
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Stephen W Teal
Development Director
Development Director
As Fellow and Development Director, I am responsible for the development and implementation of the overall strategy of the department, which encapsulates all fundraising, alumni relations and administrative activity. In addition, I am the lead fundraiser for the Campaign, concentrating on gifts of £100,000 and above.
Office: E8 New Court
Telephone: 60900
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Edward Tipper
Professor Edward Tipper
Director of Studies in Geology/Earth Sciences, College Lecturer in Earth Sciences
Natural Sciences (Physical)
Earth Sciences
Office: F11B Cripps
Telephone: 46956
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S Tomaselli
Dr Sylvana P Tomaselli
Tutor for Postgraduates, Sir Harry Hinsley Lecturer in History, Fellow, Tutor, Director of Studies in History and HSPS, College Lecturer in History and HSPS, Affiliated Lecturer in History and Human, Social and Political Sciences, Senior Treasurer of the Associated Societies, Senior Treasurer of the Palmerston Society, Senior Treasurer of the History Society

History of Political Thought and Political Philosophy, and Politics
Eighteenth-Century Political Theorists, Conjectural History, Punishment and Mercy and other topics in Moral and Political Philosophy.'
Office: F11 a&b Chapel Court
Telephone: 38743
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Robert Tombs
Professor Robert P Tombs
University Professor Emeritus in French History

Modern French history (18th - 21st centuries). The history of Franco-British relations.
Office: G2 Second Court
Telephone: 38776
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Laura Torrente Murciano
Professor Laura Torrente Murciano
Professor of Reaction Engineering and Catalysis, College Lecturer in Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
Office: E7b New Court
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Yan Wang Photo
Yan Wang
Natural Sciences (Physical)
(BA Jiangnan University, MSc Peking University, PhD Cambridge) for Material Science
Modern electronics consume an enormous amount of energy. My research is dedicated to leveraging the fundamental advantage of atomically thin semiconductors to create ultra-low power electronic devices. This involves the development of high-quality electronic materials, designing innovative device structures and engineering the properties of these devices to improve their efficiency and performance.
During my PhD, I successfully demonstrated clean contacts on atomically thin semiconductors using an industry compatible approach for the first time and realized low contact resistance for N-type field effect transistors (FETs). This method has been widely adopted by the community. Further, I developed a method that mitigates energy transfer during deposition to enable clean van der Waals contacts using high work function metals, paving the way for practical P-type FETs.
As a Research Fellow at St John’s, I will develop ultra-low power electronics such as tunnel field-effect transistors, ferroelectric field-effect transistors, and tunnel electro-magneto-resistance memories based on atomically thin semiconductors enabled by my discoveries of van der Waals interfaces.
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Dr Christopher G Warnes
College Lecturer in English, University Senior Lecturer in English
African Literature; postcolonial studies; the novel; digital culture.
Office: E14a New Court
Telephone: 37938
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Dr Helen Watson
Dr Helen E Watson
Tutor, College Lecturer in Anthropology, Director of Studies in HSPS, Formerly University Lecturer in Anthropology
Human, Social and Political Sciences (HSPS)
Anthropology of war and violence. Religious Nationalism, gender and inequalities.
Office: C3 Second Court
Telephone: 38792
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Tim Watts
Tim Watts
College Lecturer in Music, Director of Studies: Music
Office: I13 New Court
Telephone: 67938
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Professor Andrew P Wheeler
College Lecturer in Engineering

Office: A21 Cripps
Telephone: 39289
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Dr Derek G D Wight
Emeritus Associate Lecturer in Pathology, Former College Lecturer and Director of Studies in Pathology and Clinical Medicine
Office: B2 First Court (shared)
Telephone: 38786
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E Willerslev
Professor Eske Willerslev
College Supervisor in Zoology
Natural Science (Biological)
Office: F4 First Court
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