Professor Christine D Gray
Director of Studies in Law (Part II & LLM), College Supervisor in Law, Emeritus Professor of International Law, Faculty of Law
International Law on the use of force. UN peacekeeping and enforcement action. Peaceful settlement of disputes and the International Court of Justice.
Office: B11 New Court
Telephone: 38781
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Stephen Gull
Professor Stephen F Gull
College Supervisor in Physics and Astrophysics, Emeritus Professor of Physics
Natural Sciences (Physical)
Radio Astronomy
Bayesian data analysis. Physical applications of geometric algebras. Astrophysical fluid dynamics and plasma physics.
Office: A4 Chapel Court
Telephone: 38642
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Professor Sarah Hall
Professor Sarah Hall
1931 Chair in Geography, College Lecturer in Geography
Professor Hall is a public economic geographer whose work focuses on the uneven spatial implications of profound macro economic change including Brexit, the changing economic position of China internationally and the rise of finance led capitalism. She uses her research findings to contribute to academic, public and policy debate.

Supported by funding from the ESRC, the British Academy, The Leverhulme Trust and the Nuffield Foundation, the majority of Professor Hall's research centres on the impacts of financial services in the UK, London's international financial district and its relations with Europe, China and North America. Her research has been covered my leading media outlets including The Financial Times, the BBC, The New York Times, The Daily Telegraph and Wired magazine.

Professor Hall is currently a Senior Fellow with The UK in a Changing Europe where she is focusing on Brexit, the UK's financial services sector and the changing nature of the UK's economic geography. She was appointed an Editor of Geoforum in 2013 and held a British Academy Mid Career Fellowship (2015-2017). She was elected a Fellow of The Academy of Social Sciences in 2020 and has served as an Adviser to the House of Lords European Affairs Committee.

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Commodore John W R Harris
Formerly Domestic Bursar
Royal Navy
Office: I4 New Court (shared)
Telephone: 68192
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Victoria Harvey
Dr Victoria Harvey
Tutor for Undergraduate Admissions, Tutor
Modern and Medieval Languages
Dr Victoria Harvey’s research interests lie in 16th century French literature and visual culture. Her PhD thesis examined satirical representations of the figure of the vieille in French Renaissance poetry; more recent research examines 16th century representations of the 1495 syphilis epidemic and Real Tennis in the 16th century.

Dr Harvey was previously Director of Admissions at Lucy Cavendish and also worked in outreach roles at Robinson College and Trinity Hall.

Office: E3 New Court
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Jane Heal
Professor B Jane Heal
College Supervisor in Philosophy, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy
Philosophy of language and of mind; the thought of Wittgenstein; the interrelations of metaphysics, epistemology and ethics.
Office: 5 Merton Hall
Telephone: 38668
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Professor Geoffrey C Horrocks
College Supervisor in Classics, Emeritus Prof of Comparative Philology
History and structure of the Greek and Latin languages, medieval and modern Greek grammar and semantics, grammatical theory, historical linguistics.
Office: F1 Second Court (shared set)
Telephone: 38696
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Professor Deborah Howard
Professor Emerita of Architectural History, Formerly Head of Department of History of Art

Architecture & History of Art
The art and architecture of Venice and the Veneto; Renaissance architectural theory; cultural exchanges between Italy and the Eastern Mediterranean; aspects of Scottish architecture.
Office: C6a North Court
Telephone: 39360
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Howard Hughes
Professor Howard P Hughes
Supervisor in Physics, Emeritus Professor in Physics, Formerly Tutor
Natural Sciences (Physical)
Optical and electronic properties of nanostructures. Plasmons in microstructured metals.
Office: i7 New Court
Telephone: 38607
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Ian Hutchings
Professor Ian M Hutchings
Emeritus Professor of Manufacturing Engineering, Chairman of St John's Innovation Centre Ltd.
Scientific and technical aspects of inkjet printing; tribology, especially wear, the application of tribological principles to manufacturing processes and the history of tribology
Office: E6 First Court
Telephone: 38618
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Professor Tom Hynes
College Lecturer in Engineering (Part 1), University Professor in Mechanical Engineering
Aerodynamics of jet engines. Aircraft and helicopter noise. Compressor stall. Minimising the environmental impact of aviation.
Office: E2 First Court
Telephone: 38787
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John Iliffe
Professor John Iliffe
College Supervisor in History, University Prof of African History

African History
Research in African History.
Office: I1 New Court
Telephone: 38714
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Chris Jiggins
Professor Chris D Jiggins
College Lecturer in Zoology, Director of Studies in Natural Sciences (Biological), Animal Biology & Zoology, Evolution & Behaviour
Natural Science (Biological)
Speciation and the genetic basis of adaptation in neotropical butterflies. Population genomics in evolutionary biology.
Office: E5a New Court
Telephone: 61557
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Ray G Jobling
Formerly Senior Tutor, University Lecturer in Sociology, College Lecturer in Sociology
Human, Social and Political Sciences (HSPS)
Sociology and politics of health care and health professions, especially Medicine & Pharmacy. Psycho-social & cultural aspects of chronic illness, especially dermatological conditions.
Office: Room 2, Merton Hall
Telephone: 38698
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V Johnson Photo
The Rev'd Dr Victoria Johnson
Dean of Chapel
Victoria Johnson came to St John’s from the Metropolitical Cathedral Church of St Peter, York, known as York Minster, where she was Canon Precentor, overseeing the musical and worshipping life of the Cathedral. Prior to this she was a Residentiary Canon at Ely Cathedral, and a priest in Manchester Diocese being ordained there in 2007. She read theology and religious studies at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, and studied at the Institute of Sacred Music and Divinity School in Yale, USA. Prior to ordination Victoria worked as a Post-Doctoral Cancer Research Scientist at Manchester University after gaining a BSc and PhD in Biochemistry from Leicester University. Her research interests span Liturgy, Music, Homiletics, Religion and Science, apologetics and mission theology, and she has recently published her first book, On Voice: Speech, Song, Silence, Human and Divine, (Darton, Longman and Todd, 2024) As Dean, Victoria oversees Chapel life and contributes more broadly to the life of the College community.
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Peter Johnstone
Professor Peter T Johnstone
College Supervisor in Mathematics, Emeritus Professor of the Foundations of Mathematics
Pure Mathematics
Categorical aspects of the foundations of mathematics, in particular topos theory. Applications of category theory to mathematical logic, physics and theorectical computer science.
Office: E8a New Court
Telephone: 38680
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Professor HJ Joyce
Professor Hannah Joyce
Director of Studies in Engineering Part IB, University Lecturer in Electronic Devices and Materials, College Lecturer in Engineering, Professor of Electronic and Photonic Engineering
Semiconductor nanomaterials for optoelectronics and photovoltaics.
Office: E14b New Court
Telephone: 68278
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John Kerrigan
Professor John F Kerrigan
College Supervisor in English
Shakespeare; seventeenth-century literature, including cultural relations between the three Stuart kingdoms and into continental Europe; Irish studies; British and Irish poetry since 1900.

Prof Kerrigan was brought up in Liverpool. After Oxford, he came to St John's in 1982 and was made a Fellow of the British Academy in 2013. He has given talks in many parts of the world, including the USA and Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Peru, Japan, India, Australia and New Zealand.
Office: I5 First Court
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Fleur Kilburn Toppin
Dr Fleur Kilburn-Toppin
Director of Studies in Clinical Medicine & Anatomy, College Lecturer in Clinical Medicine, Deputy Dean of Discipline
Medical Science
Office: E10b New Court
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AL Kinmonth
Professor Ann-Louise Kinmonth
College Supervisor and Director of Studies in Clinical Medicine, Clinical Director, Foundation Prof of General Practice, Chair Undergraduate Admissions Working Group, Member of Council, Chair inequalities in health reading group
Medical Science
Prevention of diabetes and its consequences; development and evaluation of complex behavioural interventions; the place of the generalist physician.
Office: F1b Cripps
Telephone: 38632
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Tuomas KNowles
Professor Tuomas P J Knowles
College Lecturer in Nanoscience
Natural Sciences (Physical)
Office: A22 Cripps
Telephone: 38637
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V Kotsidis
Dr Vasileios Kotsidis
College Associate Lecturer in Economics , Director of Studies
Game Theory, Theoretical Microeconomics
Dr Kotsidis uses tools from traditional and evolutionary game theory to analyse social interactions that (potentially) involve strategic motives. His research focuses on the scope and limitations of models based on methodological individualism in interpreting individual behaviour (human or otherwise) as it is manifested in social settings. It spans along three main directions: how individuals think, what they are motivated by, and what are the implications of their behaviour for collective outcomes. He obtained his PhD in Economics at the University of Nottingham. His doctorate explores some theoretical aspects of (strategic) social behaviour and investigated its empirical manifestations. He also enjoys practising karate, studying the philosophy of mathematics, and reading fantasy literature.
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Dr Benedek Kruchió
Dr Benedek Kruchió
Research Fellow
Imperial Greek and late antique literature and culture.
BA Vienna, MA Berlin, PhD Cambridge.

Specialising in Greek literature from late antiquity and the interpretative traditions of this period, I am currently finishing a book on Heliodorus’s Aethiopica, a virtuosic novel from the fourth century C.E. Telling the adventures of an Ethiopian princess, this text testifies to the cultural complexities of its time: it is a story about race, unstable identities, sexual and religious purity. Bridging the gap between formal analysis and discursive approaches to literature, my study seeks to understand the Aethiopica’s responsivity to contrasting interpretative strategies in relation to the methods of contemporary reading communities such as Platonists, ‘sophists,’ and Christians.

In my new project I am investigating how the literary production of late antiquity responds to the increasing popularity of allegorical interpretation in this transformative era. In addition, I am currently preparing a conference on the visual, religious, and literary cultures of the imperial period – with a focus on allegory – and a collaborative commentary on the forgotten Christian sequel to a ‘pagan’ Greek novel.

Office: 2nd Court A1
Telephone: 01223 761965
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Ladds G.
Professor Graham Ladds
College Lecturer in Pharmacology, Director of Studies in Pharmacology, Professor in Receptor Pharmacology
Medical Science

Office: F1a Cripps
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Dr Jef Laga
Dr Jef Laga
Number theory
Mr Laga is a pure mathematician working in number theory, a field that goes back to the ancient Greeks and Babylonians and aims to understand properties of the whole numbers, the basic building blocks of mathematics. More specifically, he works in arithmetic statistics, which studies number-theoretic objects (like prime numbers or polynomial equations) in families.

He completed an undergraduate degree at Ghent University (with an exchange semester in Paris) and a Master's degree (Part III) at Cambridge. In his PhD thesis at Cambridge, he showed how Lie theory (which is also used in theoretical physics) can be fruitfully applied to study the arithmetic statistics of Diophantine equations.

While at St John’s Mr Laga will continue investigating number theory through the lens of Lie theory, as well as exploring interactions with neighbouring fields such as algebraic geometry, symplectic geometry and singularity theory.

Office: F11C Cripps
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