Yan Wang

Yan Wang Photo

Research interests(BA Jiangnan University, MSc Peking University, PhD Cambridge) for Material Science
Modern electronics consume an enormous amount of energy. My research is dedicated to leveraging the fundamental advantage of atomically thin semiconductors to create ultra-low power electronic devices. This involves the development of high-quality electronic materials, designing innovative device structures and engineering the properties of these devices to improve their efficiency and performance.
During my PhD, I successfully demonstrated clean contacts on atomically thin semiconductors using an industry compatible approach for the first time and realized low contact resistance for N-type field effect transistors (FETs). This method has been widely adopted by the community. Further, I developed a method that mitigates energy transfer during deposition to enable clean van der Waals contacts using high work function metals, paving the way for practical P-type FETs.
As a Research Fellow at St John’s, I will develop ultra-low power electronics such as tunnel field-effect transistors, ferroelectric field-effect transistors, and tunnel electro-magneto-resistance memories based on atomically thin semiconductors enabled by my discoveries of van der Waals interfaces.