Dr Michael Boemo

Dr M Boemo

Sub-Director of Studies in Mathematics for Natural Sciences (Biology), College Lecturer in Mathematics for Biology
SpecialisationGenomic Instability
Research interestsDr Boemo is interested in genomic instability, which is characterised by the rapid accumulation of mutations commonly observed in cancer cells. His particular focus lies in understanding how genomic instability is instigated by defective DNA replication and repair mechanisms. Having completed a BA in Mathematics at Rutgers University and a PhD in Physics at the University of Oxford, he addresses this complex issue through the lenses of mathematics and computer science by developing machine learning and high-performance simulation techniques to unravel the underlying causes of DNA replication and repair defects. This approach allows for exploring novel avenues for targeting these defects with therapeutic interventions, both in human cancer cells and pathogens. Currently, Dr Boemo holds the position of Assistant Professor of AI and Machine Learning in Disease, with a joint appointment in the Department of Pathology and the Department of Genetics.