Dr Matteo Seita

M Seita

Granta Design Assistant Professor in the Department of Engineering
Research interestsDr Seita's research focuses on metal additive manufacturing (AM), characterisation and testing, and microstructure engineering of structural alloys. He is very interested in studying how the point-by-point material forming process typical of AM yields the microstructure heterogeneity that is frequently observed in metal parts. This heterogeneity is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it leads to large property scatter and casts uncertainty over parts performance, hindering the adoption of additive technologies by the industry. On the other hand, it may impart exceptional mechanical properties, which even surpass those found in conventionally produced materials. Dr Seita's goal is to understand and control this microstructure heterogeneity to design and produce materials with "architected microstructures" which will exhibit more predictable behaviour and tailored functionalities. His vision is that this unique capability will enable a new design paradigm in metal AM for producing both geometry-and microstructure-optimized parts.
Office: B1b Chapel Court