Dr Zvonimir Vlah

Z Vlah

College Research Associate
Research interestsI am a theoretical physicist working primarily on cosmology and galaxy clustering, with broad interests ranging from gravity and dark matter physics to galaxy formation and gravitational waves. I am an expert in the formation of large scale structure of the Universe. My work consists mainly of cutting edge analytic modelling and calculations in cosmological structure formation using field theory methods.

I was born in the north of Croatia, where I lived until finishing the master's degree in Physics at the University of Zagreb.
I obtained a PhD in theoretical physics at the University of Zürich in Switzerland in 2014. I was a research fellow at the KIPAC at SLAC & Stanford University and, afterwards, at the Theory group at CERN in Genéva.
Currently, I hold a senior fellowship at the KICC in Cambridge.

Besides physics, my other interests range from other natural sciences and economics to sociology, history, philosophy, and religion. I also enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking, skiing and exploring.