Dr Paul Sweeney

Paul Sweeney

College Research Associate
SpecialisationMathematical Oncology
Research interestsLow oxygenation, or hypoxia, is associated with cancer evolution, resistance to therapy and metastatic spread. Currently, the spatio-temporal relationship between vascular function and oxygen delivery in solid tumours is poorly understood, thereby hampering previous efforts to alleviate hypoxia or exploit it for therapeutic benefit. Paul’s research applies machine learning to photoacoustic imaging to facilitate the extraction of high-quality vascular features from living subjects. He applies the resulting data to advanced biophysical models which predict blood and interstitial flow, and transient oxygenation in whole tumours, in order to advance our fundamental knowledge of the mechanisms underpinning hypoxia fluctuations for improved therapeutic outcomes.

He is currently a Wellcome Trust Junior Interdisciplinary Fellow based in the Bohndiek Lab at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute. He received his doctorate in Applied Mathematics from University College London, where he also completed a MRes in Mathematical Modelling in Healthcare Engineering. He completed my MSc in Applied Mathematics at Imperial College London and received a BSc in Mathematics from the University of Southampton.