Dr Jyoti Nangalia

Nangalia J

College Research Associate
SpecialisationCancer genomics
Research interestsJyoti Nangalia a CRUK funded clinician scientist and consultant haematologist with a passion for cancer genomics. During her PhD, she discovered mutations in the gene CALR in the vast majority of patients with a certain type of blood cancer, called the myeloproliferative neoplasms (Nangalia et al, NEJM, Dec 2013). Testing for CALR mutations in clinical practice to diagnose patients is now routine internationally. More recently, together with other researchers, she studied the DNA of over 2000 patients with these blood cancers to build an accurate online personalised predictor of outcome for patients by integrating clinical and genomic information (Grinfeld, Nangalia et al, NEJM 2018). This tool is being increasingly used by clinicians to assess the future outlook of their patients. She believes that using cancer genetics to support clinical decision-making is a critical application of new genetic sequencing technologies, and her future aspiration is to provide clinicians with patient personalised decision-making tools that incorporate clinical and genomic information across all blood cancers. Her research also focuses on using sequencing technologies to understand exactly when these blood cancers originate in patients during their lifetime and how this relates to normal blood cell development and ageing.