Dr Peter Linehan

Linehan bookDr Peter Linehan’s research interests include the history of the medieval Church and medieval Spain and Portugal, on which subjects he is the author of about a hundred books and articles, ranging from The Ladies of Zamora (1997), an exercise in micro-history concerning scandalous goings-on in a thirteenth-century Spanish nunnery, to The Medieval World (2001), a collaborative work on many aspects of the Middle Ages from Tara to Timbuktu, co-edited by him and Professor Janet Nelson, and (with F J Hernández), the Mozarabic Cardinal (2004). His Spain, 1157-1300: a Partible Inheritance was published in 2008. Dr Linehan is the editor as well as a contributor to St John's College, Cambridge: A History (2011), which marked the College's Quincentenary.

Dr Linehan has been a Fellow of the College since 1966 and is also a Fellow of the British Academy and of the Royal Historical Society.

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