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   Vellum, 7.0625 x 5.25, ff. 15, double columns of 35 lines.  14th cent., written in Italy.  Vellum wrapper.

   No donor’s name.

   Collation : 18 (wants 8) 28.


   Contents :

        1.     Inc. liber prouincialis ubi scripte omnes ciuitates mundi               .        f.     1

                In ciuitate romana sunt quinque ecclesie.

                Last section : De regimine petri principis apostolorum.

                Ends 14a : ubi sunt etiam multe reliquie incluse.

        2.     Note on the age of the world : secundum cronicon martini.        .               14b

                Receipts (English hand).

                Ignis inextinguibilis facilis est experta.

                On 15b.  Inc. liber ignium a marco greco prescriptus.

                Ends with an experiment on mercury.

Supplementary information 

Negative microfilm in St John's College Library.

The 'Liber Provincialis' was edited by M. Tangl, Die Päpstlichen Kanzleiordnungen, 1200-1500 (Innsbruck, 1908) without using this manuscript.

P. A. Linehan, 'Utrum reges Portugalie coronabantur annon', A politica portuguesa e as suas relacoes exteriores, 2o Congresso historicao de Guimares (Guimares, 1997), 389-401, copy in St John's College Library.