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   Vellum, 8.5 x 5.75, ff. 228, double columns of 34 lines.  Early 15th cent., well written.

   Old binding, red skin (rough) over boards.

   Given by J. Holt.                                                                                            2 fo. fidei.

   Probably from Bury.

   At bottom of p. 2 : thys ys master chamberers booke.

   Collation :  18 (1 lining cover) 28 – 108 1110 | 128 – 278 2810.


   Contents :

         1.    The first 3 leaves, including one stuck to cover, contain the end

                   (cap. 20) of a collection of stories, the last from Greg. Dial.:

                a malis operibus emendare.  Amen.  Expl. opusculum de diuersis

                   narracionibus que de multis libris autenticis sumpte sunt et

                   in certis capitulis ordinate.  Deo gratias.

                f. 3b blank.

         2.    De decem mandatis              .               .               .               .               .        f.     4

                Non habebis deos alienos.  Exo. 20.  In hoc mandato sicut

                   liquet ex glosis

                    -ipsum preferret ut deum.  Cui est honor et gloria per

                     infin. sec. sec. Amen.  Expl. tract. de decem mandatis.

                Table      .               .               .               .               .               .               .               86

                f. 90b blank.

        3.     De diuersis temptacionibus or De septem peccatis.      .               .               91

                Hunc librum sequentem cui hic prologus prescribitur quidam1

                   cuius nomen diuersis ex causis in hoc opusculo reticetur

                   compilauit, etc.

                    -operit multitudinem peccatorum.

                Capitula prime partis.

                Text.  Superbia nihil aliud est quam amor proprie excellencie       .               92

                Walter Hilton is quoted.

                Part II (the prologue speaks of six parts) ends :

                subiungam quedam in lingua materna de dictis Ricardi

                   Hampooll ad discrecionem pertinencia prout superius dixi

                   me facturum.  Et hoc ideo quia melius sonat eius doctrina

                   in lingua materna prout ipse eam primo protulit quam si

                   eam in linguam latinam transferam.  Amen.

                Expl.  2a pars libri.

                Tabula    .               .               .               .               .               .               .               221b

                Ends 227b : Expl. kalendarium de 7 peccatis mortalibus.

                f. 228 blank.

The 2nd cover is lined with a leaf of a music book (Alma

   redemptoris, etc.) : notes not added.  Preceding this, part of

Ave regina celorum.  The verso side (pasted down at present)

does have musical notation.  

Supplementary information 

The donor, J. Holt, is possibly Jeremiah Holt, a fellow in 1603.

For part 3 see H. E. Allen, Modern Philology 13 (1968), 168, copy in St John's College Library.


1.  Perhaps R. Methley of Mount Grace.