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    Vellum, 8.5 x 5.75, ff. 101 + 1, 28 lines to a page.  12th cent., finely written. 

    Skin over flat boards, clasp gone, projections at top and bottom of back,

 painted edges.

    Title on the 2nd cover near the edge.  Aug. de pastorss: below, C.

    Donor, T. C. S.  Priced 15s.

    From Waltham Abbey.  On flyleaf: Liber S. Crucis de Waltham.

    Collation: 1 flyleaf, 18 – 48 (8 canc.) 58 66 78 – 138 (8 stuck to cover).

    The cover is lined with a leaf of a theological MS. of similar date and

 style to the rest of the volume.

    On f. 1 is an original list of contents.


         1.  Aur. Augustini Doctoris de pastoribus sermo inc. (XXXVIII 270)  .    f.  2

              Spes tota nostra quia in Christo est

                   -Qui uos cogunt ad unitatem.  Expl. Sermo b. Aug.

                     egregii doctoris de pastoribus.

         2.  Inc. eiusdem Sermo de ouibus (XXXVIII 295)      .         .         .         .     17b

              Uerba que cantauimus

                   -dicit dominus deus noster.  Expl. Sermo b. Aug. doct.

                     de ouibus.

         3.  Aur. Augustini Doctoris Lib. inc. de cura gerenda pro mortuis

                 ad Paulinum Ep. (XL 591)     .         .         .         .         .         .         .      32

              Diu sanctitati tue

                   -mea responsio defuisset.  Expl. lib. S. Aug. de cura

                     agenda pro mortuis.

         4.  Inc. lib. S. Augustini de disciplina Christianorum (XL 667)    .          .       46

              Locutus est ad nos sermo dei.

                   -Ego et pater unum sumus conuersi ad dominum.

         5.  Inc. lib. S. Augustini de decem cordis (XXXVIII 75)      .         .         .       52

              Dominus et deus noster misericors

                   -ibi inueniamur.

         6.  Inc. lib. S. Aug. ep. De Simbolo contra Judeos (XLII 1117)         .         .    63b

              Inter pressuras atque angustias.

                   -Ipse est enim qui ui. et reg. deus per om. sec. sec.  Amen.

         7.  Two pages of diagrams illustrating the cardinal virtues                .           .   76b

              Text begins: Uirtus est animi habitus nature modo atque

                 rationi consentaneus.

              77b blank.

         8.  Inc. capitula libri Aurelii Cassiodori Magni Senatoris de anima

                (LXX 127a)   .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .     78

              Text.  Cum iam suscepti operis.

              Ends 98a: nomen maiestatis tue in eternum.

              Expl. Cassiod. de anima.

Supplementary information 

Item 7, the text ends 'Stabilem comparat auctoritatem'.  All definitions of the virtues are taken from Cicero, De inventione, II. 53-4, which is nearly completely quoted.