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    Vellum, 7.125 x 5, ff. 260, double columns of 32 lines.  13th cent., well


    Skin over boards, fastening gone.

    Donor, T. C. S.  Priced 15s.                                             2 fo. Abissus est.

    At the end:

         pertinet ad me Joh. Redgraue cum magno gaudio et honore.  Amen. 

    On f. 2:

                 orate pro anima Joh. Derham et animabus benefactorum eius.

    Also on 78b, 142.

    An erased inscr., Iste pertinet, in 1st cover.

    Collation: 112 – 2012 2116 224.

    In 2nd cover:

                  Summa xlme de hatfeld xli xviis viid.


         Brito de uocabulis bibliae.

         Hic inc. exposiciones uocabulorum biblie      .         .         .         .         .        f. 1

         Difficiles studeo partes quas biblia gestat

                  -mea lux et uera sophia.

         A littera sicut dicit ysidorus.

         Very handsome initials in gold and colour, edged with green, to  

             prologue and text.

         Ends 255b (Zorobabel) verba sunt Isyd. ethimol. vii.

         Hic ego doctorum compegi scripta meorum.

                                               . . .

         Sorte beatorum quia sim uelud imus (or unus) eorum.  Amen.

         Omitted articles,

         Sperma. Seculum. Secundina. Secundus.

Supplementary information 

L. W. Daly, 'Guillelmus Brito and his works', The library chronicle 32:1 (1966), 1-17.