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    Vellum, 9.375 x 6.5, ff. 96, 31 lines to a page.  12th cent., well written.

    Old binding, white skin over flat boards, clasp gone, chain-mark on 2nd

cover, flaps at top and bottom of back.

    Donor, T. C. S.

    From Buildwas Abbey, Shropshire.  On f. 91b in large letters:

                                              Liber Sancte Marie de Bildeuuas.

    At top of f. 1, R. Benet (xvi), cf. C.9.  Priced 40S.

    Collation: i8 - xi8 (+ 1) xii8 (1, 2, 4, canc., 8 stuck to cover).  On 67b is a

slip of 13th cent., with a supplied passage.


        1.  Epistola b. Bernardi abb. Clareuall. ad Ailredum abb.   .         .       f.  1

             Est quidem sanctorum uirtus permaxima

                   -mihi qui inuitum coegerim imputetur.

             Inc. prefacio abbatis Ailredi in librum de speculo caritatis       .           1b     

             Uere sanctorum uera et discreta


                   -neglegendum decernite.

             Capitula lib. I-III  .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .            2b

             Inc. liber qui inscribitur de speculo caritatis.  (Cap. I).   .         .            4b

             Extendisti domine sicut pellem celum tuum (CXCV 505).

             Change of hand on 36b.  Lib. II, 38b; III, 60.

             Ending 91b: aput iustum et misericordem iudicem intercedat.

                   Expl. lib. Aelredi abbatis Riewallis de speculo karitatis.

             Then the inscription of ownership.

        2.  In another hand, 4 columns to a page.

             Rabani Mauri cena  .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .          91b

             Domino excellentissimo atque serenissimo regi lothario ultimus

                   -animum legentis attolleret.

             Quidam uir magnus et prepotens rex habitans in partibus

                 orientis nomine abbatheos habensque unicum filium uocabulo


             Ends f. 93b: congratulantes ad domum propriam sunt reuersi.

             This revision of the Coena Cypriani was printed from a

                 damaged MS. at Berne by Hagen, in Zeitschr. f. wissensch.

                 Theol. XXVII.  The present copy is complete.

Supplementary information 

Negative microfilm in St John's College Library.

J. M. Sheppard, The Buildwas books: book production, acquisition and use at an English Cistercian monastery, 1165-1400, Oxford Bibliographical Society publications, 3rd series, vol. 2 (Oxford, 1997).

For section 1, 'Epistola b. Bernardi abb. Clareuall ...', see Migne Pat. Lat. 195, col. 501.