Undergraduate Academic Research Projects

Programme Details

A number of grants from College funds are available to support undergraduate academic research projects or academic Summer Schools related to their courses, to be undertaken in the Long Vacation at a University, including Cambridge, or other approved academic institutions. All undergraduate students, including finalists, are eligible. Students who receive payment for their project by the hosting Institution cannot be considered for funding from the College unless they have a financial shortfall. 

Undergraduates may make one application per year and funding is available from the following funds:

General Fund

To support undergraduate academic research projects or academic Summer Schools.

Peter Munn Fund

To support Engineering students by providing funding for a specific project/research.

Pythagoras Fund

To support Mathematics students by providing funding for a specific project / research.

Robert Tong Bursary

To offer free accommodation and access to the Library at Queen Mary,   University of London during a set period in the Long Vacation - Monday 11 July to Saturday 6 August 2022. Graduates are also eligible to apply.



Paid / Funded projects

If you  have other sources of funding for your project, either from the College or from an external organisation, your application will be considered and assessed only if you have a shortfall and the total funds that you have access to do not cover the cost of living during your project or the cost of the project itself.

Projects / Internships at the University of Cambridge

Students who undertake internships or research projects organised by and held at Faculties, Departments or Institutes affiliated to the University of Cambridge ordinarily receive remuneration at the National Living Wage rate. We expect you to check with your supervisor and/or the hosting Faculty / Department / Institute whether the placement will involve remuneration. In the event that there is not any remuneration, the College may be able to partially fund your project.



The closing date to apply for College summer funding, either from the UARP or from the Summer Bursaries fund, was on 1st May 2022 and the competitions have now closed. We appreciate, though, that a number of projects may be secured at a later stage. Late applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis and until the funds are exhausted. If you would like to submit a late application, please let us know by email 

Successful students will be asked to submit a report by 1st October 2022.

Student Services would be happy to respond to informal enquiries and requests for information.