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Every year, applications from students of St John's are invited for the following Travel Exhibitions and Grants for the promotion of travel during the period 25 June 2024 to 16 April 2025. As part of the online application you will submit a description of the proposed travel. Tutors will be glad to advise their students about their applications. Successful applicants will be required to submit a short report on their travel by 1 October, or no later than one month after returning if travelling outside the Long Vacation.

More information will be circulated at the end of February each year, with a deadline in April (deadline this year is 09:00 on 5 April 2024). Current students should check their announcements regularly to avoid missing the deadline and get more information.

Available Grants


The College is able to offer these opportunities to students of St John's College because of the generosity of our donors. A list of Funds and the projects they are intended to support can be seen below.

Johnian Society Travel Exhibitions

A number of Johnian Society Travel Exhibitions are available for travel abroad during the Long Vacation. In view of the limited number of awards, only those with adventurous or innovative plans of travel should apply

Peter Allan Travel Award

For postgraduates and undergraduates to travel to the Middle East, Far East or Australia in furtherance of a worthwhile purpose/project which need not, but may be, academic in nature.

C W Brasher Fund

Grants to assist students to travel, preference to be given to those travelling to some wilder part of the world

Roger Chisholm Fund

Travel grants are available (up to the total value of the fund which is £750) to any St Johns' student wishing to explore wild places by sea, climbing and/or hiking. A condition of the award is that successful applicants write a report of their adventure that would be suitable for publication in the College Magazine, the Journal of the University Yacht Club or the Journal of the Cambridge Mountaineering Club.

Cooper Fund

Grants may be given "to assist students of the College, not yet of standing to proceed to the MA degree, to attend conferences or to carry out field work in Earth Sciences".

Cradock Fund

Travel grants for undergraduates wishing to spend time during the summer vacation studying some aspects of the civilisation of Italy or other Mediterranean countries.

Glyn and Ruth Daniel Fund

Grants may be given "to assist students of the College below the status of MA to travel and visit archaeological sites in Europe and the Mediterranean countries".

B H Farmer Fund

Grants may be given to junior members of the College who "are reading for Parts IA or IB of the Geographical Tripos, to travel (normally abroad) in connection with their study."

Note: for compulsory dissertation travel expenses please use the appropriate 'Learning & Research Fund' form instead, which College members can access via PayMyStudent.

Sam Fitzsimmons Travel Fund To assist undergraduate and postgraduate members of St John’s to undertake active, adventurous travel through forms of physical courage and endeavour, for example trekking, hiking, mountain climbing etc.

Bianca & Michele Franco Travel Award

To grant an annual travel award of £500 to an undergraduate of St John’s College with a preference for but not exclusive to students reading Classics or Archaeology & Anthropology for travel connected to their studies.
Hanley Fund “Provision of travel grants or exhibitions for students of the College, preference where possible, being given to students of agriculture, agricultural science and medicine or some branch or branches of natural science related to one of those subjects ...".

JFL Travel Award

Travel grant with a preference for international students to travel within the UK and explore all corners of UK (outside Cambridge/London).

Frank Hollick Fund

Travel Exhibition(s) - preference being given to students engaged in travel in pursuit of their interest in natural history or the fine arts.

Noonan Award

Grants for overseas postgraduate students of the College who wish to travel or undertake a project relevant to their subject area, or for cultural, scientific or charitable purposes. Three awards available of US $3,000 each.

Parsons Fund

To provide grants to resident Johnians (undergraduates and postgraduates) towards the costs of projects with links to Greece (Modern or Ancient) or the Eastern Mediterranean.

To also provide grants towards costs of music projects or to enhance musical skills.

Perret Fund

Travel grant - preference being given to biological sciences studies.

Roberts Fund

Grants to students wishing to improve their knowledge by travel.

Scullard Fund

Grants may be given to assist junior members of the College "who are engaged in the study of Ancient History and/or early Church History, to travel or to visit churches, museums, or other places of historical interest in connection with their study".

Robert Sloley Fund

Grants may be given to junior members of the College "who are engaged in the study of pre-classical archaeology to travel, to undertake or assist in excavation, or to visit archaeological sites, museums, or other places of archaeological interest, in connection with their study".

Ulysses Travel Fund To assist junior members of the College to explore, climb or undertake other adventurous travel, preferably in more remote parts of the world.
Christopher Vincent Travel Exhibitions Travel Exhibitions to travel abroad to further international understanding.
Wilberforce and Clarkson (Williams) Travel Fund Preference for a project with connections to Wilberforce or Clarkson, or to the elimination of slavery; a project in Africa may also be considered


Additional funds are also available for Geography and Geology students conducting fieldwork.


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