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Summer Bursaries

Bursary Details

We are very pleased to invite all eligible undergraduates to enter the competition for the 2019 Summer Bursaries.

The aim of the Summer Bursaries competition is to enable eligible students to pursue educational interests or career development opportunities, for a period of up to 8 weeks during the Long Vacation 2019. 



You are invited to apply to the Summer Bursary competition if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are an undergraduate student at St John’s (MVST students are only eligible during the first three years of their course);
  • Your fee status is either Home or EU;
  • Your household income is below £66,579;
  • You are returning to St John's in the 2019-20 academic year to continue your undergraduate studies or to pursue a postgraduate degree *; and
  • You are planning to spend a significant part of the summer engaged in an academic, educational or career development activity.


* Applications from students who intend to progress into the fourth year of their degree programme but do not yet know if they will be accepted into the fourth year will be assessed on a discretionary basis. We may seek feedback from their Directors of Studies and we may decide to award the Summer Bursary on condition that a student is subsequently accepted for the fourth year of the degree programme. Each application that falls into this category will be reviewed independently and it will be on the discretion of the College to add a condition or not.


Example activities

The funded activities may involve research projects, summer courses at other Institutions, exploring new academic and educational interests, unpaid work experience and internships. This list is not exclusive and any activity which would clearly add value to your career and personal development could be considered.

Your application will be considered and assessed on an individual basis if you are undertaking a paid internship or have other sources of funding from the College or an external organisation.

Additional Information

Additional Information

For successful applicants, the amount of the bursary awarded will depend on their household income as well as the duration of their planned activity, with a maximum of £2,120 for 8 weeks.

Successful applicants, whose household income is below £42,620, will be awarded the full amount, which is £265 per week. If the household income of successful applicants is above this threshold, a partial bursary will be awarded.

Conditions of the award

All recipients of Summer Bursaries will be required to:

(a) Submit to the Director of Education & Senior Tutor a report on their Summer Bursary project by 1st October 2019; and

(b) Make a presentation on the outcome of their Summer Bursary project if asked to do so by the Director of Education & Senior Tutor.