Students awarded prizes for outstanding performances

University and Faculty prizes 2020-2021

Fourteen undergraduates from St John's College who achieved excellent results in the 2020-2021 academic year have been awarded University and Departmental prizes.

Third year History student Radka Pallová was awarded several prizes. She received the Winifred Georgina Holgate-Pollard Memorial Prize for achieving outstanding results in the Historical Tripos Part II; the Gladstone Memorial Prize for the best dissertation across the three triposes in 2021, and the jointly-awarded Faculty Prize for the best overall performance in Part II of the Historical Tripos, for which she receives £300. Radka has also been nominated by the University's History Department for the Royal Historical Society History Today Prize.

Theocharis Kalaitzidis, a fourth year student in Human, Social and Political Sciences, received the Part IIB Polity Prize for the best performance in Sociology last year, together with the Winifred Georgina Holgate-Pollard Memorial Prize for outstanding results in the Cambridge Tripos.

Geordie Cheetham, in his first year of a History degree, was given the History and Politics Prize for outstanding performance in Part 1A of the History and Politics Tripos.

Cecilia Catuogno-Cal, a fourth year studying Chemical Engineering, was awarded the T.R.C. Fox Prize for being top of the class list in Part IIB Chemical Engineering.

Tide Sun, a second year Economics student, received the H. A. Turner Prize in Economics for his exams performance.

Thea Krumins, a third year Engineering student, won the David Newland Prize for Materials for excellence in her module for the Part IIA of the Engineering Tripos.

Kavi Mehan, in the third year of his Geography degree, was awarded the William Vaughan Lewis Prize for his outstanding dissertation in the Geography Tripos.

Kiara Van Hout, a third year Law student, received the 3 Verulam Buildings Prize for Equity for her top of the class list result in Part II Equity Law.

Matthew Parry, a third year studying Modern and Medieval Languages, won the Marsh Prize for the best optional dissertation in German.

Timon Staehler, a first year Music student, was awarded the Part IA Donald Wort Prize by the Faculty of Music for achieving the highest mark in the academic year.

Thomas Butler, in his third year of his Music degree, received the Part II Donald Wort Prize for achieving the highest mark in Paper 4 Advanced Performance.

Rebecca Marrow, a third year in Natural Sciences, was given the Richard Perham Second Prize for the second best overall grade in the Natural Sciences Tripos Part III Biochemistry.

Adarsh Menon, also a third year Natural Sciences student, was awarded the Pharmacology Prize for being top of the class list in Part II Pharmacology.

Arthur Higgins, a second year studying Classics, was awarded the Waddington Scholarship for his performance in Part IB of the Classical Tripos.

All the winners also receive personal letters of congratulation from Heather Hancock, Master of St John's College.

Published 7/9/2021

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