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Students awarded prizes for excellence

The following students are among those who have been awarded University prizes for academic excellence, or other outstanding achievements, since June 2012. They are shining examples of the dedication, enthusiasm and passion demonstrated by students at St John’s.

Gavin Bennison was awarded the Philip Lake Prize for showing the greatest proficiency in Part IB of the Geographical Tripos.

Paddi Benson was awarded the RIBA Eastern Region Prize for outstanding performance in Part II Architecture.

Kenzie Bok was awarded the Quentin Skinner Prize for the best academic performance in the MPhil Political Thought and Intellectual History.

Natacha Crooks was awarded the Redgate Prize and the Gloucester Research Prize for achievements in the Computer Sciences Tripos.

Jamie Day was awarded The North Carolina State University Prize for research in Chemical Engineering.

Charlie Draper was awarded the Anglia Prize as the candidate for Part IIB of the Archaeological and Anthropological Tripos who has shown the greatest distinction in the subject of Archaeology.

Nina Klein was awarded The Armourers and Brasiers’ AWE Prize for achievements in Part II Natural Sciences Tripos (Materials Science & Metallurgy).

Mekhola Mallik was awarded a one year Surgical Research Fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons.

Jen Moore was awarded the Mark Gregson Prize for being the candidate who has shown the greatest distinction in the subject of Archaeology in Part IIA of the Archaeological and Anthropological Tripos.

Anuradha Pallipurath was awarded a Corporate Associates Prize for Practical Class Demonstration in recognition of outstanding qualities in the teaching of practical chemistry.

Laura Plant was awarded the T B Wood Prize for the best performance in Part II Plant Sciences.

Daniel Ryan was awarded the Junior Scholefield Prize for biblical studies from the Faculty of Divinity.

Andrew Tam was awarded a BP Prize for outstanding performance in Part IA Chemistry.

Jagveen Tyndall was awarded the Faculty of Divinity's Teape Prize.

Jason Zhao received the Fortuna Trophy from the CUOTC, awarded to the cadet showing the most promise.

If you are a current or recent student who has been awarded a prize since June 2012 but you are not mentioned here then please get in touch with us.